Food safety

Food safety in India at risk due to egg contamination, says study – Read

Recently, a number of eggs in the domestic market, in retail shops were collected and tested and were found to contain large amounts of salmonella both on the shell and inside the egg.

Sep 12, 2017, 08:31 AM IST

'Artificial eggs' made out of 'plastic' found in Orissa school; This is how you can identify fake eggs

With similar cases now being reported more often, it is very important that one knows how to identify artificial eggs.

Jun 30, 2017, 21:12 PM IST

Plastic rice in Indian markets? Here's how to identify fake rice

But, the good news is that you can easily find out whether the rice you bought from the grocery store is real or fake, using some tricks – in fact, you can try it at home.

Jun 07, 2017, 13:36 PM IST

Are your eggs safe to eat? 'Artificial eggs' made out of 'plastic' sold in Kolkata market; shopkeeper arrested

The sale of dangerous eggs came to light after a woman lodged a general diary with the Karaya police station alleging that plastic eggs are being sold in the market.

Mar 31, 2017, 09:12 AM IST

Learning cooking skills via bestselling cookbooks? It could make you sick

Scientists say bestselling cookbooks give little useful advice about reducing the risk of foodborne illness, particularly in recipes involving meat products. 

Mar 28, 2017, 15:17 PM IST

Preparing food? Follow these five key safety steps to prevent foodborne illness!

Unsafe food causes many diseases, ranging from diarrhoeal diseases to various forms of cancer.

Nov 25, 2016, 13:48 PM IST

Five things to keep in mind while buying frozen foods!

Quality and safety are some of the things one should keep in mind while purchasing frozen foods.

Nov 16, 2016, 13:19 PM IST

Sellers fined for selling substandard eatables in Ludhniana

The fine was imposed by Additional Deputy Commissioner (General)-cum-Adjudicating Officer Rishi Pal Singh.

Aug 25, 2016, 01:02 AM IST

Alarming! Only 1 out of 15 food businesses registered with FSSAI

Only one out of every 15 food businesses in the country is registered with the food safety watchdog FSSAI despite several extensions of the deadline for obtaining licences.

Feb 10, 2016, 18:42 PM IST

Walkathon sensitises vendors, consumers on food safety

Four stalls serving popular snacks like 'kachori', 'puri' and 'chaat' were put up to demonstrate food safety at the walkathon, a part of the Surakshit Khadya Abhiyan.

Dec 13, 2015, 19:42 PM IST

Nestle sells 3.3 cr packs of Maggi in 10 days

Nestle India said it had to bear an exceptional cost of Rs 476.2 crore.

Nov 20, 2015, 21:07 PM IST

Sweet poison: Check out for adulteration in sweets this Diwali

Diwali is a festival of happiness, prosperity and all the goodness in life. But unfortunately, some elements are lurking in the shadows to spoil your Diwali.

Nov 10, 2015, 21:25 PM IST

App to help conduct concealed food safety observations

The app helps create of checklists to record aspects such as hand hygiene, the adequacy of hand-washing facilities, the temperature in coolers holding ready-to-eat foods and the presence of potentially hazardous foods.

Oct 06, 2015, 23:36 PM IST

Barack Obama nominates FDA's No 2 official to lead agency

President Barack Obama has nominated the Food and Drug Administration's second-highest ranking official, Dr Robert Califf, to lead the agency, which regulates consumer products ranging from medications to seafood to cigarettes.

Sep 16, 2015, 08:55 AM IST

FSSAI asks manufacturers to maintain quality of milk products

Food safety regulator FSSAI has decided to facilitate setting up of infrastructure facilities in metros so as to ensure quality of milk and its products ahead of the festive season.

Sep 08, 2015, 21:40 PM IST

FSSAI to frame norms for product approval in 6 months

To streamline its product approval process, food safety watchdog FSSAI will frame a new set of regulations in next six months, after the earlier procedures had to be scrapped following court orders, including in the Maggi noodles case.

Aug 31, 2015, 22:22 PM IST

Kerala to continue food safety raids

As many as 1766 food safety raids have been carried out across Kerala and nine shops have been closed for selling adulterated food articles during Onam season.

Aug 31, 2015, 16:55 PM IST

Mere suspicion about sub-standard food item enough for action: FSSAI

Food Safety Standards Association of India (FSSAI) Wednesday argued in the Bombay High Court that a mere suspicion about a food snack being sub-standard in quality would be a reasonable ground to take appropriate steps to stop the sale of the product.

Jul 22, 2015, 21:04 PM IST

'Over 12,000 samples found adulterated, misbranded in 2014-15'

12,077 samples were found adulterated and misbranded out of the 60,548 samples analysed by food safety watchdog FSSAI in all states and union territories in 2014-15, the government said Tuesday.

Jul 21, 2015, 18:58 PM IST

Health Ministry discloses steps taken to check adulterated food items

The Health Minister, J P Nadda stated disclosed in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha here today, that samples of Nestle's Maggi noodles have been found to be containing more than the permissible limit of 2.5 ppm of lead.

Jul 21, 2015, 15:34 PM IST