Women should not be barred from entering any temple: Morari Bapu

Women should not be barred from entering any temple: Morari Bapu
Ram Kathavachak Morari Bapu

Spiritual leader Morari Bapu has come out openly in support of women in the ongoing controversy related with barring females from entering some holy places of worship. The famous Ram Kathavachak said that no woman should be barred from entering and praying at any temple.

“Devatva (Godliness) appears in a house in which a girl is born, then why should women not be allowed inside a temple where a Devta exists?” he questioned empathically.

Rather, Devatva (holiness/Godliness) will vanish from a place where women have no access.

Morari Bapu made these comments while speaking at ‘Manas Rajghat’ organised by the Rajghat Samiti at Mahatma Gandhi’s Samadhi. The function is a part of a series of programs that the Samiti is organising for a week since January 30, to commemorate Gandhi ji’s assassination.


The issue of barring entry of women from some temples like Sabrimala, Trimabakeshwar and also Haji Pir in Mumbai has been raging over the past few weeks with temple trusts showing inflexibility on the issue.

Morari Bapu supports Delhi HC order on women becoming ‘Karta’ of family

Meanwhile, Morari Bapu also welcomed the move of Delhi High Court that the eldest woman can be the karta (manager of family and its properties) of a Hindu joint family.

He said that if the eldest living member of a family happens to be a woman, then she should have the right to be the family’s head.

Bapu has been openly speaking of women’s rights and has been urging Indian society to have an open mindset in the 21st century.

He felt it was time that India took cognisance of the contribution women make towards the both the family and society, and how it would be impossible to raise the next generation in a fruitful manner without their intrinsic and unrelenting support.

Earlier on, the spiritual leader had made a revolutionary statement asking Hindus to allow daughters to conduct the last rites of their parents.


While giving discourses on Ram Charita Manas, the Morari Bapu has also hit out against those who have indulged in female foeticide. 

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