Shashi Tharoor`s suggestion "needless diversion": BJP

BJP termed as a "needless diversion" the controversial tweet of Union Minister Shashi Tharoor.

New Delhi: BJP on Tuesday termed as a "needless diversion" the controversial tweet of Union Minister Shashi Tharoor suggesting that the name of the Delhi gang-rape victim be made public and demanded that he should instead focus on passing a stringent anti-rape law.

"This is the time for making a strong law against rape without any delay. Naming or keeping the victim`s identity a secret is not the main issue here. The media, politicians and the society are following the Supreme Court guidelines on the matter at the moment. Tharoor should emphasise on passing the law at the earliest," BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said.

BJP maintained the US and other countries may have provisions where the name of the victim can be revealed with the family`s consent but "that should not be our concern now and it can be debated later. He insisted that till any decision is reached the victim`s identity be kept a secret".

"Tharoor is an individual but he is also a minister. There is no need for him to divert attention from the principal issue. He should use his influence with Congress and the government to ensure that a special session of Parliament is called and a strong anti-rape law passed," Hussain said.

The main opposition said precious time has already been lost due to the sparring and blame game on the Delhi gang-rape issue between the Delhi government and the Centre.

"Wondering what interest is served by continuing anonymity of #DelhGangRape victim. Why not name&honour her as a real person w/own identity?" Tharoor had said on Twitter.

Congress has distanced itself from Tharoor`s tweet saying it is his personal view.