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Behaviometrics: A new era of cyber security!

Behaviometrics: A new era of cyber security!
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Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Mishra

Welcome to a brand new world of 'Behaviometrics'- a cyber security technology which uses user's gesture as a password.


Today's world is fighting an ugly battle against millions of data breach and credit card attackers and it seems that in coming years they are not going to slow down. But the researchers of this technology claim that their invention can prevent the large scale credit card attacks from occurring.


This conveniet yet impossible to hack technology was developed by the researchers of Ohio University. The best part is that behaviometrics is compatible with virtually all touchscreen devices.


Behaviometrics is a combination of two words- 'behavioral' refers to the way a human behaves and 'biometrics' refers to the technology which analyzes biological data of a person for authentication purposes like- eye retina, fingerprints and voice patterns.


This technology provides the safest and more secure mode of authentication which does not require user to memorize different usernames and passwords.


In essence, behaviometrics is a relatively new biometric technique which removes the need of memorization and eliminates the hacking problem.


Behaviometrics senses the dynamics of your movements, which is unique and differ inter- personally. It analyzes how your action unfolds in both space and time and with what intensity. The algorithm uses the criteria of multi-matching system and the recorded data must maintain its “shape” and the relativity of space and time in human movement. So, any random adjustment could disrupt the movement flow in both space and time.


There is no doubt that behaviometrics holds the potential of developing a new era of highly secure e-commerce and cyber security.