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Now, an underwear that corrects your body posture!

If the person makes bad posture, it is reflected on his smartphone.

Now, an underwear that corrects your body posture!

Tokyo: A Japanese clothing company has developed wearable underwear which enables to improve body postures.

If the person makes bad posture, it is reflected on his smartphone.

The sensor device is constituted by knit material and is placed on the backside of shirt to monitor the distortion of posture. The data is managed on the cloud computing.

"Current product enables to check distortion of posture. But this sensor system is available to monitor the pulse of heart and consuming calorie. Bad condition of body in hot climate will be prospected by this shirt. It has big potential usability applying to hot country," said Yoshiyuki Nagai, Gunze Limited.

Fiber technology enhances usability to diversified case. Utilizing sensor which is available to be set on to uneven surface operation of radio control miniature car is possible.

Also in the case of hemisphere device operation is possible.

It also has fabric piano, a keyboard made from fiber knit which has conductor wire. It conveys playing touch.

When player uses smartphone, piano concert is realized through specific application software.

Use of wearable device is expanding to health management and entertainment.

Japan is also a leader in auto technology. Carmaker Nissan recently organized a global event "Nissan 360 Asia and Oceania".

It invited 59 journalists, bloggers and car club members from Asia and Oceania at Advanced Technology Center in Kanagawa Prefecture Japan.

"Advanced mean that, here is the where the advanced technology originated," said Sureetip La-Ongthong Chomthongdee, VP, Nissan Motor Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. and Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

"Today, I'd like to brief you about our future mobility division. Here Japan is the prime core of R&D," said Manabu Sato, General Manager, Advanced Engineering Division, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

"My name is Abe, in charge of product planning for autonomous driving vehicle. Electric vehicle enhances pleasure of driving without environment load, also the piloted drive, autonomous drive," said Tooru Abe, Chief Product Specialist, Vehicle-IT and Autonomous Drive Division, Nissan

Participants from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia took tour at Nissan's main R&D center in Japan, studied by observing Nissan's latest Autonomous Drive technology, as well as the Electronic Vehicle technology.

Presentation and exchange session was provided by Nissan Engineers. Participants experienced the deeper content about Nissan's future mobility vision.

They also took the test ride of Nissan's today and future vehicles at Forest Raceway in Sodegaura in Chiba.

Nissan 360 event is themed as "Discover Nissan" - designed to understand and experience Nissan from wide perspectives.

Nissan will to continue the event to communicate and promote the motor fans in Asia and Oceania.