Now protect enviroment using 'lights'

Light is an important tool of physics and basis of several scientific researches.

Now protect enviroment using 'lights'

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Light is an important tool of physics and basis of several scientific researches. The researchers now claims that in days to come it can play an important role in environmental protection.

The recent study of Joakim Stenhammar and his team of international researchers from Lund University in Sweden highlighted that light of definite wavelength can be used to put so-called active material in motion and can also control its movements.

The motion of these active material will help in guiding robots in near future that can detect oil spills and then release chemicals to prevent contamination.

The study published in journal Science Advances shows that light can make synthetically produced particle as well as microorganisms, such as bacteria and algae, spontaneously form into something that can be compared to a pump.

"Our strategy has the potential of developing into an inexpensive and simple way to pump and control bacteria and other active materials," Stenhammar said.

Apart from environmental science, this discovery can also be used in medical and material science.

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