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SpaceX tests Crew Dragon parachutes- Watch

SpaceX has conducted tests for Crew Dragon parachutes.

SpaceX tests Crew Dragon parachutes- Watch
Photo credit: SpaceX

New Delhi: Recently, a drop test was conducted for SpaceX's final certification test which will be used to safely land its Crew Dragon spacecraft carrying astronauts back from the International Space Station.

A mass simulator was used during the test and the weight of the spacecraft was connected to the parachute system.

Mass simulator and four red-and-white parachutes were unfurled high above the desert near Coolidge, Arizona as part of drop test for SpaceX’s Crew Dragon landing system.

Four main parachutes were evaluated during the test but did not include the drogue chutes that a full landing system would utilize.

The spacecraft will splash down safely in the ocean under parachutes, but ultimately the company wants to land the vehicle on land propulsively using eight SuperDraco engines.

SpaceX and Boeing are working in separate partnerships with NASA to build a new generation of human-rated spacecraft to take astronauts to the International Space Station.

Watch the video:  

Video credits: NASAKennedy/ YouTube