Five worst snowstorms in New York City history

Five worst snowstorms in New York City history
People clear snow from parked cars on Henry Street in the Chinatown neighborhood in New York on Sunday. Photo: AP

An intense blizzard has dumped 25.1 inches (63.8 cm) of snow in New York City`s Central Park, the National Weather Service said on Saturday, ranking it No.3 among the city`s worst snow storms.

The following are the five worst snowstorms to hit the largest city in the United States before this week, according to the NWS:

- 26.9 inches (68.3 cm), February 11-12, 2006

- 25.8 inches (65.5 cm), December 26-27, 1947

- 21.0 inches (53.3 cm), March 12-14, 1888

- 20.9 inches (53.1 cm), February 25-26, 2010

- 20.2 inches (51.3 cm), January 7-8, 1996

The deepest snowfall from the blizzard paralyzing the U.S. East Coast has been recorded at 40 inches (102 cm) in Glengary, West Virginia, the National Weather Service said.

It said about 28.3 inches (72 cm) had fallen at Dulles International Airport, 26 miles (42 km) west of Washington as of Saturday evening, one of the capital`s biggest storms.