Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Day 5: As it happened...

On day 5, Gujarat Fortunegiants and Haryana Steelers played out a 27 - 27 tie in the first match. In the second match, Bengal Warriors defeated Telugu Titans 30-24.

Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Day 5: As it happened...

New Delhi: Day five of the 2017 Pro Kabaddi League witnessed first tied match of the season after Haryana Steelers produced a brilliant fight back to hold a rather over-confident Gujarat Fortunegiants in their Zone A match. In the second matcph, Rahul Chaudhari's Telegu Titans suffered yet another defeat, fourth in the trot as Bengal Warriors opened their campaign with a convincing win at Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.

FULL-TIME: Telugu Titans 24 - 30 Bengal Warriors

It was yet another disappointing day for the home crowd at Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad. Telugu Titans failed to regroup themselves after a frenetic start into the match, but no such worries for the Bengal Warriors as they opened the campaign with a convincing win.

Warriors' Maninder Singh was the top raider of the match with 9 points in 16 raids, while his team-mate from Korea Jang-Kun Lee was player of the match, for his eight raid points from 12 raids and playing a crucial role in their numerous tackles.

Match 10 (Zone B): Telugu Titans vs Bengal Warriors

SECOND-HALF: Telugu Titans 22 - 30 Bengal Warriors

22:12 PM IST: Telegu Titans suffered yet another defeat. It's their four successive defeat. Skipper Rahul Chaudhari played a restraint game, and it reflected in their scorecard. Poor day from the home side.

22:11 PM IST: Bengal Warriors took a time-out at 28-22 with two minutes play left in the match. Titans raider Vikas found himself tackled by Warriors. 23-30 in favour of the Warriors.

22:06 PM IST: Rakesh Kumar, one of the most celebrated players, looked out of sorts and returned empty handed. In response Jang-Kun Lee completed a successful raid to extend the lead to six points.

But Warriors lost a point when they tried a block a run-away Vikas Tanwar.

22:02 PM IST: With under 10 minutes play left in the match, both the sides exchanged empty raids, including a couple of raids from Titans skipper Rahul Chaudhari. That's not inspiring.

Then there was an exchange of tackles. 25-20 in favour of the Warriors.

21:57 PM IST: Do-or-die raid for Telugu Titans, but Iranian all-rounder Farhad Milaghardan failed to make the most out it and became himself a victim.

21:53 PM IST: Just arrived Nilesh Salunke's successful raid helped Telegu Titans add a point to their tally. Then, Bengal Warriors' raider Srikanth Tewthia was caught. Titans are fighting hard to register their win of the season.


21:50 PM IST: Telugu Titans completed a super tackle, dismissing Bengal Warriors raider Jan-Kun Lee. In the previous play, Titans had lost skipper Rahul Chaudhari in a failed raid.

21:47 PM IST: Jang-Kun Lee completed a successful raid to return with two points, and Bengal Warriors extended the lead to six points, at 21-14. Telugu Titans made a sub, Rohit Rana in for Nilesh Salunke.

21:40 PM IST: Yet another empty raid from Rahul Chaudhari. Then confusion in the Titans camp as they didn't get the umpire's decision clearly. Skipper talked to the umpire. But wasted the review. And Titans thought they lost the point after Warrior raider Maninder Singh was moved off the court.

Half time.

21:33 PM IST: One of league's fan favourite. Jang Kun Lee made an empty raid, but Bengal Warriors lost their review in the subsequent play. Meanwhile, Telugu Titans made grounds scoring couple of points.

With under five minutes in the break, Warriors still lead by 17-11.

21:26 PM IST: For the first time Titans captain Rahul Chaudhary looked in his elements, and claimed a point. And it was. One point to the home side. But the Warriors responded with a couple more points to extend the lead at 15-9.

21:27 PM IST: Bengal Warriors took a good two point lead with 10 minutes left in the first half. Then, Maninder Singh produced a super raid to all out the Titans. 13-8 in favour of the Warriors.

21:22 PM IST: Frenetic start the match as both Telugu Titans and Bengal Warriors traded blows in an engrossing opening period.

Match 9 (Zone A): Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Haryana Steelers

FULL-TIME: Gujarat Fortunegiants 27 - 27 Haryana Steelers

First tied match of the season. Gachibowli Stadium in Hyderabad witnessed one of the greatest Kabaddi matches ever with Gujarat Fortunegiants and Haryana Steelers settling for a 27 - 27 tie. Steelers have indeed shown their fighting spirit.

Steelers' Vikash Khandola lead the raiders' board with seven points, while skipper Surender Nada was the top defender, with seven points. For Fortunegiants, Mahendra Rajput with five points was top raider. Parvesh Bhainswal contrinuted with three tackle points.

But the match's unsung hero will be Surjeet Singh, who has a near perfect raid.

Fortunegiants will sure rue their lost chance. Skipper Sukesh Hegde was quiet after a good start.

SECOND-HALF – Fortunegiants 25 - 26 Steelers

20:59 PM IST: With less than a couple of minutes left in the match, Steelers resumed the proceedings with an empty raid. Fortunegiants captain made a quick raid, and returned with a point. What a lunging raid. But Steelers themselves produced a successful raid thanks to good work from Vikash Khandola, to make 26-26.

Then both the sides exchanged a point each to end the match at 27-27.

20:56 PM IST: Fortunegiants skipper Sukesh Hegde returned empty handed, then they tackled dangerous Surjeet Singh to level the points. But Fortunegiants lost the lead after Steelers responded with a successful tackle. Mahendra Rajput out.

20:50 PM IST: Both the sides added a couple of points each, and it's 24-25 in favour of Steelers. Surjeet Singh continued to be Steelers' hero in the raid.


20:48 PM IST: What a turnaround. Vikash Khandola breached the Fortunegiants defence, and returned with three points. In fact, umpires thought it was only two points, but Steelers challenged the verdict and they were right.

It was followed by another successful tackle to lead for the second time in the match. 22-23.That's ten points on the trot.

20:45 PM IST: A point for Steelers as Surjeet Singh returned with a bonus point. Mahendra Rajput tried a probing raid, using the full court, but returned empty handed. It was followed by another successful raid from the Steelers, as Surjeet Singh returned again.

Then, Steelers got the hold of Fortunegiants raider. Yes, it was followed by another successful raid from Surjeet. It's 22-17 in favour of Fortunegiants.

20:41 PM IST: Mahendra Rajput happy to return empty handed. But that's enough for Fortunegiants as they added another point to extend the lead to 22-13.  Steelers needed a super tackle.


20:37 PM IST: Iranian legend Fazel Atrachali just completed his 100th tackle point at PKL. Steelers raider Vikash Khandola failed to anticipate the line, and ended up as Atrachali's 100th victim. Then, Sukesh Hegde completed a successful raid. It's 20-13 in favour of the debutant team.

20:33 PM IST: Haryana Steelers took the lead for the first time in the match thanks to a Vikash Khandola raid, but Gujarat Fortunegiants regained the lead with a super raid.

20:31 PM IST: What a fight back from the Steelers. First Surjeet Singh produced a two point raid, then completed a tackle to level the score at 11-11.

20:28 PM IST: With only two players left in the court, Steelers resumed the proceedings with an unsuccessful raid from Surender Nada. Then, Rakesh Narwal responded with an empty raid.

HALF-TIME – Fortunegiants 11 - 8 Steelers

20:25 PM IST: Meanwhile, Steelers have another sub. Sunil Kumar of Fortunegiants has been brilliant so far. He has completed another tackle, which was followed by a successful Rakesh Narwal raid, helping the said take 11-8 lead at half-time.

20:21 PM IST: Fortunegiants raider Sachin raid failed and Steelers finally leveled the score.  But it lasted only a couple of seconds and Fortunegiants responded with another tackle, thanks to Abozar Mohajermighani, who once again led the Fortunegiants raider Sachin raid failed and Steelers finally leveled the score.  But it lasted only a couple of seconds and Fortunegiants responded with another tackle, thanks to Abozar Mohajermighani, who once again led the defence.

20:17 PM IST: First sub for the match. Vikas in for Neeraj Kumar, then both the sides produced brilliant tackles, but Vikas in for Neeraj Kumar, then both the sides produced brilliant tackles, but Fortunegiants still managed to take one point lead.

20:10 PM IST: Gujarat Fortunegiants' Rakesh Narwal used his long reach to make a successful raid. And they have restored the two point lead.

20:10 PM IST: Gujarat Fortunegiants got off to a flying start, but failed to maintain the momentum as Haryana Steelers caught up thanks to a couple brilliant raids.


Day 5 action of the Pro Kabaddi League, season five, will be on August 2, 2017 (Wednesday).


The first match will be at 8 pm and the second match will be at 9 pm.


All the action on Wednesday will be at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad.Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad.

Where to watch on television:

The official rights of the league are with the Star Sports network. The network will broadcast the games in three languages, English, Hindi and Tamil. There will be both SD and HD action available on television in all three languages.

LIVE streaming:

The LIVE streaming of the league will be available on

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