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Actor Sonu Sood shares heartfelt note on his father's death anniversary—Read

The actor shared a heartfelt note on Twitter.

Actor Sonu Sood shares heartfelt note on his father's death anniversary—Read

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who is currently filming his movie Paltan, took to Twitter to share a heartfelt note on his father's death anniversary.

Here's Sonu's Twitter post:

The actor wrote-

"7th February, 2016

Dear Dad,

It's 7th feb, a date that I don't want to remember, a date that I will never forget till my last breath. 7th feb the day I reached moga 2 years ago to see u. Still remember the whole day, my journey from chandigarh to Moga, I was constantly chaffing with u on phone! How excited I was, like a Kid who got his first break from his hostel to see his parents. And then I reached our moga house with you welcoming me with the best smile in the world. Those moist eyes spoke so much. I knew u were waiting for me like always but this time.. it was different. Maybe only u knew that this was our final meeting. Whatever you said was like a life's last lesson from a dad to his son who was going to face the world alone from the very next day.. but to tell you the truth dad I am still not ready to face this world without you and will never be ready ever. God always made me believe that you were immortal and I know you are but without you around us we feel so lost. There is no one left who will guide me, tell me what's wrong, motivate me, teach me the lessons of life. There is no one dad who will watch my films again n again n again on a loop.. despite telling you not to. Dad I miss those scooter rides, miss the times when you would go especially to get fresh juice for me. There is no one to give me soaked almonds which you fed me with since my childhood till 7th of feb 2016.. on the last day also those almonds were direr, soaked with love. Wish you had eaten some but you didn't Because u wanted me to have all. Dad, today when I am shooting for my film Patton in Chandigarh I am missing you more Because I know you would have been beside me on the sets. Just wanna tell you dad stay happy wherever u are. I no sure mom will be beside you too. Tell her too that life without both of you is clueless. When someone says "sometimes life slips out of your hand" ..yes it slipped out of my hands forever.

See u someday for sure! Missing you always,


Apart from the movie Paltan, Sonu will be seen in the role of Sadashiv in the historical drama Manikarnika. The actor received the Punjab Ratan award in December 2017 for his contribution towards the welfare of people of Punjab.