Emraan Hashmi is a talented actor: Elena Fernandes

In the film, Elena essays Emraan's family member.

Emraan Hashmi is a talented actor: Elena Fernandes Pic Courtesy: Movie Still

Mumbai: Model-turned-actress Elena Fernandes, who has worked with actor Emraan Hashmi in the forthcoming film "Why Cheat India", says he is talented and helped her learn a lot.

In an e-mail interview with IANS, Elena, who had in the past worked on a magazine shoot with Emraan, said: "It was a joy to reconnect with Emraan. He is such a talented actor and a sweet person. He is truly passionate about delivering a character correctly and I learnt a lot from that."

She said from making sure her mannerisms are correct for the character, to how she carried herself, he helped her all the way, making her performance "more believable" to the audience.

In the film, Elena essays Emraan's family member.

"Why Cheat India" is Elena's second film in Bollywood. She made her debut in Indian cinema with a cameo in the 2016 film "Kapoor and Sons".

While talking about her journey in Bollywood so far, the Goan-South American model-actress said that she has "been fortunate enough to be part of such incredible industry".

"But it has been a lot of hard work that has led to this point. The industry has been super supportive and lovely. I've been fortunate not only in working with Bollywood's finest (talent), but also incredible production houses and teams. 

"What more could I ask for? Everyone here is so warm and welcoming," she added.

Asked what made her step into the world of acting, Elena said her transition from modelling to acting was a natural process.

"Modelling, I feel, is silent acting. You have to emote a character through the clothes, hair and make-up styles. Several editorials led to print campaigns, which led to TV commercials and TV roles which naturally led to films. So, it was a very gradual process."

Apart from "Why Cheat India", Elena is currently preparing for two other films alongside some British projects. 


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