EXCLUSIVE: Haven’t seen Dhamaka as a risk but a different film, says Kartik Aaryan

Dhamaka might turn out to be an image changing film for Kartik Aaryan. He explains the reason behind picking up the project.

EXCLUSIVE: Haven’t seen Dhamaka as a risk but a different film, says Kartik Aaryan

New Delhi: Kartik Aaryan gathered a huge fan base doing monologues and characters with romantic shades, but his new film Dhamaka presents him as a news anchor who unknowingly gets into a crisis situation.

Kartik says he got attracted to the content. He says, “It was a conscious decision to do something new, but the quality of content was also in mind. I haven’t seen it as a risk, but different.”

Did the grey shade cast any apprehensions about his popular image? “More than which side the character is tilting, I was interested in the thought process of Arjun Pathak. This person reacts in unexpected ways, may be humorous at times, but it was about the moral compass. It’s a mix of both.”

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He adds, “I could see from the very beginning where could it go. I was living in that studio where everything started looking like a real-life situation to me. From coffee machine to everything, it looked real, like I could actually do podcasting or broadcasting from here. So, I enjoyed switching one gear to another.”

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He further says, “It starts from a small thing, even he doesn’t know how things can escalate. In the beginning, he might have thought that he would be able to make a delay of 10 minutes but then things change. But then unexpected happens.”

Dhamaka is all set to release on Netflix on November 19.

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