Hrithik is addictive, Tiger is like clay: 'War' director

Siddharth claims he wants to make films of various genres with Hrithik.

Hrithik is addictive, Tiger is like clay: 'War' director Pic Courtesy: Movie Still

Mumbai: Siddharth Anand returns to directing Hrithik Roshan in his new film "War" after the 2014 release, "Bang Bang". He collaborates with the film's other hero, Tiger Shroff, for the first time.

Siddharth claims he wants to make films of various genres with Hrithik.

"Hrithik is addictive actually. Since I started directing him around 2012-13, I just can't imagine a story without him. I want to make a love story with him, a courtroom drama, an action film and a sci-fi film. There are so many films I want to make with him. It's fascinating how he fits in every mould. He is the perfect Hindi film hero that we can find. He can do everything," he told IANS.

How does the "Super 30" star behave on the sets?

"Hrithik has been an assistant director himself. He is half a director in his mind already. He always imagines the scene in a particular way. What is lovely about him is that, even though he offers his suggestions, he respects the director a lot. I also respect his vast experience and knowledge about films and characters and being the director, I pick and choose from his suggestions," said Siddharth.

He says the film's other hero Tiger Shroff is like clay.

"Tiger is like clay. You can mould him in a way you want to. With a bad director, he is horrible but with a great director, he can be the best actor. Give him the right instructions and he is outstanding. That is something which I have realised after working with him. He completely submits to the director. It's up to you how you mould him. He is at par with any of the best actors in the country. He holds the screen, he has a presence, he does action like nobody else and dances like a dream," he said.

Even though the filmmaker is full of praises for his "Bang Bang" star, he is not ready to give Tiger lower marks.

When asked, who among Tiger and Hrithik is better in terms of fitness and flexibility of body, he replied: "I think my decision to take them in this film stems from the fact that both of them are equal on every count. I don't know in what I can rate any one of them higher because they both are so passionate about what they do that they give their everything to it. So, I think I will give both of them ten on ten for effort."

The filmmaker also sounds confident about casting Hrithik and Tiger.

When quizzed, if any other actor would fit into Tiger or Hrithik's role better, he instantly replied: "I think it is about 'jodis'. If it is Hrithik, then there can be no one else but Tiger. If it was somebody else other than Hrithik, then we could find somebody else. You couldn't have a better jodi than Hrithik and Tiger."

The action-thriller "War" is about an Indian soldier (played by Tiger) who has been assigned to kill his former mentor, a soldier (Hrithik) who has now turned rogue. Siddharth, who also contributed to the film's story, claims that the plot is absolutely original.

"It's (the story) absolutely original. It's a new kind of a film with its story, dynamics and conflict. So, I don't think you can draw parallels with any film. Right now, it may look like this film or that film from the trailer. But you have only seen two and a half minutes of the film. So, it will not be fair to pass judgement. When you watch the full movie, you will know what it is about," said Siddharth.

"War" comes five years after his last movie "Bang Bang". Explaining why he was away for five years, Siddharth, who has made films such as "Anjaana Anjaani", "Bachna Ae Haseeno", "Ta Ra Rum Pum" and "Salaam Namaste", claimed: "It was a shift for me from the romantic comedies I used to make, which were far simpler, to these big projects that take time. I realised post 'Bang Bang' that this is what I want to do. It took that much time for me also to find the right project I could associate with.

"War" also stars Vaani Kapoor and the movie is slated to hit the screens on October 2.


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