Junaid Khan’s Debut In ‘Maharaj’ Earns Massive Acclaim, Fans Call Him 'Fabulous'

Junaid Khan, Son of Aamir Khan recently made his debut, last month with 'Maharaj'

Junaid Khan’s Debut In ‘Maharaj’ Earns Massive Acclaim, Fans Call Him 'Fabulous' Pic Courtesy: Movie Still

New Delhi: Renowned actor Aamir Khan’s elder son, Junaid Khan recently made his debut in the world of cinema with the OTT movie ‘Maharaj’. Directed by Siddharth P Malhotra, this film has been getting lots of positive reviews from the viewers and has been trending globally with viewers praising it. 

Junaid Khan’s debut performance has not only received applause for the film itself but also has sparked widespread admiration online. Viewers and critics alike have praised Khan for his compelling performance, noting his ability to authentically bring his character to life on screen. 

Netizens have flooded social media with praise for his exceptional debut with comments such as “People need to talk more about Junaid. He is brilliant as a debut, wow.”  another viewer expressed, “This is the best debut Netflix film I've ever seen.. I can't believe Junaid Khan finally showed his talent to the world. I'm your big fan now sir !!! ”

One viewer was particularly impressed by Junaid Khan’s performance, writing, “Why isn’t anyone talking about Junaid Khan? He was fabulous in his character. ”

And it seems fans have fallen in love with his expressive eyes, noting,  “The innocence Junaid Khan's eyes hold doesn’t seems like it is his first movie, he acted so well. ”

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Currently basking in the success of 'Maharaj', Junaid Khan is set to ignite screens with three upcoming films that he has already completed.