Ranveer-Deepika buy first house together for a WHOPPING Rs 119 cr, actor says 'she loves playing homemaker'!

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh News: Their first house together after marriage is said to be priced at 119 crore and is located near between Salman Khan's Galaxy Apartments and Shah Rukh Khan's Mannat bungalow. 

Ranveer-Deepika buy first house together for a WHOPPING Rs 119 cr, actor says 'she loves playing homemaker'!

New Delhi: The Bollywood power couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have reportedly purchased their first house together after marriage in Mumbai. The plush property is priced at a whopping Rs 119 crore as per reports and now they are close neighbours to none other than Badshah Shah Rukh Khan and Bhaijaan Salman Khan in the same vicinity. 

Reportedly, the huge palatial place has a total 11,266 sq ft carpet area and a 1,300 sq ft exclusive terrace. Ranveer Singh graced the cover of Esquire Magazine Singapore this mont, making him the first Indian to do so. In his exclusive interview with the magazine, Ranveer opened up on his childhood, big Bollywood dream and life with wife Deepika Padukone. 

When asked about 'what he is looking forward to celebrating in life?', the actor quipped, "Deepika and I just bought our first house together, so we’re building our home! I moved into her place after the wedding, so it’s been about four years now. But this is our first home together. Because she’s so busy with everything she does and I’m also busy, and she’s very homely. She’s very gharelu [the Hindi word for homebody]. We don’t go out much and we love spending time with each other at home.

So, this home that we’ve gotten is a couple of hours outside the city; it’s quiet, it’s secluded and it really is the perfect place for us to spend our quality time. She’s put her heart into decorating it and she’s very house-proud, and I love observing that child-like excitement in her and I encourage her to do it more and more. She’s a closeted interior decorator with a lot of fluid creativity. I tease her that she’s like a little girl with a doll house. She loves playing homemaker, and I find that extremely endearing. So, at this moment, I just want to spend quality time with my wife at home."