7th Pay Commission: Central Govt Revises Employees' Allowances -- Read In Detail

In a memorandum released by DoPT, the allowances for central government employees and pensioners have been revised. 

7th Pay Commission: Central Govt Revises Employees' Allowances -- Read In Detail File Photo

New Delhi: It is good news for you if you are a central government employee and a pensioner. The union government has announced revisions to six key allowances under the 7th Pay Commission dispensation. The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) released an Office Memorandum (OM) on April 2, 2024 regarding the revisions. 

Here is the breakdown of the revisions made by the department. (Also Read: Veg Thali Becomes Expensive In March, Non-Veg Cheaper: Check Rates)

Child Education Allowance

Child Education Allowance has been revised, now standing at 25 percent of the allowance when the employee's DA reaches 50 percent. The maximum allowance for Child Education/Hostel Subsidy applies to two children, with a hostel subsidy amounting to Rs 6,750 per month. (Also Read: China May Use AI Content To Influence Lok Sabha Polls, Warns Microsoft Report)

In cases of disabled children, the allowance is doubled.

Risk Allowance

For employees engaged in hazardous duties, the Risk Allowance has been revised. This allowance, provided to mitigate health risks associated with certain job roles, is not considered as part of the employee's regular pay.

Night Duty Allowance

The 7th Pay Commission recommendations have updated the Night Duty Allowance (NDA). Employees eligible for NDA must have a basic salary of Rs 43,600 per month.

The calculation of NDA is based on the basic pay and dearness allowance rates specified by the Commission.

Special Allowance

Special Allowance for Parliament Assistants has been increased by 50 percent for those fully engaged in Parliament duties during its sessions. The revised rates apply for each calendar month, with adjustments made for shorter sessions.

Over Time Allowance

Ministries/Departments are tasked with compiling rosters of 'Operational Staff' eligible for Overtime Allowance, without any upward adjustment in rates. Biometric attendance may be used to streamline procedures and ensure transparency in overtime work scheduling.

Special Allowance For Women With Disabilities

To support female employees with disabilities, especially those with young children or children with disabilities, a special allowance of Rs 3,000 per month will be provided. This allowance will be disbursed from the birth of the child until the child reaches two years of age.