Beware of banking frauds this festive season, know how you can stay safe

Six types of banking frauds to beware off. 

Beware of banking frauds this festive season, know how you can stay safe

Banking frauds during festive season is not uncommon and in the coronavirus pandemic situation with most people using online payments or digital method of phone banking, hackers can use the internet to empty your bank accounts. 

The Reserve Bank of India warns people of six types of bank frauds and cautions to stay vigilant against these types of scams. Here are the 6 different banking frauds: 

QR code fraud

One of the most common method of siphoning off money is through the QR code i.e. Quick Response Code. Frauders send QR codes to mobile phones hoping the person clicks on the link. The hackers then scan the QR code of their mobile phone and withdraw the money from the bank account of the unsuspecting user.

UPI link fraud

Most people have resorted to UPI transaction and so it is important to understand how this fraud works. Although this is by far the safest way to do banking, but now scamsters are using this method to defraud people. Through UPI, the thug sends a debit link to a person they click on the link and enters their PIN, the money is deducted from his account. Do not click on any unknown link to avoid such fraud.

ATM card skimming

Hackers can steal card data through ATM skimming, the card data is stolen by placing a device in the card reader slot of the ATM. After this, the fraudsters collect customers' data. With this information, many cheats also steal data through fake keyboards. So do not transact from any such ATM which is in secluded areas, use only at the ATM located outside a bank branch or at the ATM located in the crowded place.

Bank checking account fraud

Fraudsters can cheat people by making calls saying their from a certain bank and when you share details of your bank accounts they can steal your money. All customers should check their bank accounts from time to time and if they see any kind withdrawal which they did not make, they should immediately inform the bank.

Credit/Debit card cloning

Like ATM skimming this is another way to commit a fraud. In this, after taking all the information from the card, a duplicate card is made which is then used to draw from the account.

WhatsApp fake calls

Nowadays, fake calls are being made through WhatsApp where the fraudster asks for money. Upon receiving such a call from an unknown number, immediately block the number. The caller can trick you and take your money.



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