Earn an Additional Income with Binomo – An Honest Trading App

Now in India, Binomo trading opens up doors of opportunity for an additional income. Binomo is an honest trading app that focuses on learning the skills of online trading. Let’s learn what online trading is and how you can do it on Binomo.

Earn an Additional Income with Binomo – An Honest Trading App

We all work to earn a living, and the living becomes better if we can earn an additional income. So, here is good news! There is an excellent opportunity for you to earn an additional income – with Binomo trading on Binomo.com.

Let’s learn what online trading is and how you can do it on Binomo.

What is Online Trading?

Traditionally, trading is when you invest funds in a particular business by buying its shares. Should the company do well, their share prices go up, and you book a profit. Bear in mind, to make this happen, you need to understand the trade, analyse graphs, and invest sensibly. Nonetheless, Binomo trading is a little different from traditional online trading. Binomo acts on the principle of an accurate forecast, widely known as Limited Time Trades (LTT). Here, as an investor, you have to predict the growth or decline in the price of a commodity or currency. Should your analysis prove correct, you mark a profit and it becomes an additional income for you. That said, online trading overall entails some risks. And when it comes to Binomo trading, there is a chance of losing the invested funds for any misjudgement.

What is Binomo.com?

Binomo.com is a platform for online trading in the field of Limited Time Trades (LTT). It allows its users to take part in online trading and earn an additional income. Remember, trading is not throwing darts in the darkness. With that very notion, people go wrong and perceive it as an opaque trade.

You need proper knowledge about online trading. Therefore, Binomo focuses on training its users, primarily the ones who are new to the field of online trading.

Besides, proper training helps traders evolve from mere sceptics to experts.

How can I learn with Binomo?

After you visit binomo.com and sign-up with them, you can start trading right away. However, after some time, you will need to verify your account and individual information.

After the verification, you are all set to try your hands at online Binomo trading. You can also start your account with an amount as low as Rs.350 where the minimum cost of a trade is Rs. 70. Moreover, there is no bar on the number of trades. Binomo trading allows you to open multiple positions at the same time and continue trading.

Besides, in your Demo Account, Binomo trading app gives a $1000 to start with. For your information, Demo Account allows you to hone the trading skills you learn on Binomo.com. Additionally, using the promo code “BUDGET” will give you a 150% bonus on your first deposit. For example, if you deposit INR 100, this promo code will increase it to INR 250.

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