Travelling With Pets? From Booking To Check-ins- Tips To Carry Your Pet On A Flight

When taking your furry friend on a flight, the key is to start planning well in advance to help make your pet's travel more pleasant. Here are some rules and tips to consider while traveling with your pet friend.


Travelling With Pets? From Booking To Check-ins- Tips To Carry Your Pet On A Flight

Travelling with your pet dog on a flight: Many pet owners in India, especially those with dogs and cats, dream of being able to take their pets on vacations. But unfortunately, there aren't many resources or pieces of information available on "how to travel with your dog?"

We bring you tips on how to carry and enjoy the company of your pet friend in a flight and it starts with planning and ends with lots and lots of fun.

Here are tips for making flying with your pet a smoother experience, from start to finish.

When booking:

1. Consider taking a nonstop flight. (This contrasts with "direct" flights, which may involve stops.)

2. Some airlines have minimum layover times when travelling with pets. Check with your airline if this is a requirement.

3. Avoid flying if you can during the busy holiday season. Try to fly in the morning or the evening if the weather is warm.

When leading up to travel:

Freeze a water dish for your dog the night before you leave. If you do that, it won't leak while you're loading it, and after it melts, your dog can drink it.

1. To make it easier to find your dog if it escapes the carrier, attach a recent photo of it to the top of the kennel.

2. A full stomach might make a flying pet uncomfortable, so avoid feeding your pet in the hours before takeoff.

3. Avoid feeding a healthy, large-breed adult dog within four hours before takeoff.

While checking in:

If your dog is travelling in the cabin, get to the airport early on the day of your flight and check in at the ticket counter with it. Check with your airline on where to drop off your pet if it is flying as cargo. 

If it's checked baggage, you might carry it to the passenger terminal or the air cargo terminal, which is typically in a different area of the airport.

During security check:

Leash your dog and carry or lead it through the metal detector while the kennel moves on the conveyor belt and through the X-ray machine for canine in-cabin transportation.

Documents required while traveling with pet on a flight:

1. Veterinary doctor's certification of good health.

2. Letter/certificate from the veterinary doctor stating the animal's fit for carriage by flight.

3. A vaccination or immunisation record that includes the date of the rabies shot.

4. The traveller will sign a document releasing the airlines from any liability in the event that the pet they have agreed to transport is injured, unwell, or killed.

5. Depending on local laws, other documents can be needed.

6. Unless otherwise stated, all documentation must be written in English.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When planning a trip, it is recommended to immediately contact the airline to inquire about their specific pet restrictions because they vary significantly. You can expect a comfortable flight with your pet if you do some planning and preparation and inquiry.

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