The B-Town Chicken!

Hello, dear readers. The B-town Master Chef is finally here with a lip-smacking recipe of B-town chicken with a luscious mishmash of Bollywood’s latest gossips and the spiciest rumours.

Undeniably, Shahrukh and Aamir are the hottest ingredients for my Spiczee chicken delight. It all began with Aamir Khan’s recent blog, in which he stated that he has a dog called Shahrukh. The remark paved way for a great controversy in B-town and had the entire nation talking. What is on with Aamir? Till recently was he not the Mr Perfectionist? Aamir, please don’t be so ridiculously involved in such down-market antics of insulting a fellow actor and especially not King Khan.<br/><br/>Well, Shahrukh didn’t really appear to be affected with Aamir’s comments; He chose to keep his calm and acted in a much-dignified manner. So far Shahrukh has been replying to Aamir in a diplomatic fashion, but I would like to warn Aamir that if his childish acts happen to continue, things can get real dirty. <br/><br/>It seems SRK is just not hitting the right notes these days; troubles are mounting on him one after the other. Shahrukh has been in for an onslaught ever since the launch of his TV show `Paanchvi Paas` well which is not doing well either. And talking about his IPL team, it has been the nucleus of complexities for him- the dressing room conflict, then the defeat of his team has crushed his dream of winning the `KARAMYUDH`.<br/><br/>Oh! Shahrukh I feel so sad for you!<br/><br/>Mmm… with all that spicy gossip I’m certain on winning the Yummy blog award. <br/>Now let’s add some juicy flavour to the feast.<br/><br/>Let’s move on to the new starlet Deepika Padukone (Dips), who is all set to reign as the Princess of Tinsel Town, and has been in the glare of publicity for her ever changing relationships. <br/><br/>One really wonders who Dips is finally dating. Is it our cricket hero Yuvi, the T20 charmer Dhoni, or the mummy’s scrumptious boy Ranbir Kapoor? <br/><br/>This cute looking hunk definitely has chics drooling over him. He is as alluring as of course, my recipes. And with all that fan following, I really don’t think Dips can have him for too long. But, I am sure she would cope up with it much sooner than expected because she seems to have a fling thing with almost everyone she meets. <br/><br/>Ask her about her status quo with each of these men and she finds refuge in diplomatic cliché. Dips, you are yet another, saucy ingredient for my ‘Spicezee’ delight. <br/><br/>Hey! I did hear something on Dips teaming up with the King Khan to donate a few bucks for the release of an India Prisoner Of War in Pak. Wonder what happened to that. Thought she was finally making it into my good books.<br/><br/>Even Kareena Kapoor (Bebo) is riding the high waves of Bollywood. The searing hot sexy siren of Bollywood, who set the screen on fire with her sexy size zero look in `Tashan` is aspiring to be the No. 1. <br/><br/>This is besides being known as the 'Endorsement Queen of Bollywood' like brand SRK and brand Big B. Bebo’s beau Saif seems to be endorsing the Queen herself. With that tattoo in his arm what else do you expect? <br/><br/>I really hope this time Bebo is really considering marriage. I don’t want to see our ‘Chote Nawab’ ending up like poor dear Shahid. <br/><br/>I know … I know… you are all ears to more tittle-tattle. But, you’d just have to wait until I dish up more gossips from B-town. See you soon!<br/>