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FIFA World Cup 2018: Air hostess left blushing as Brazilian fans cheer in-flight safety demonstration

The biggest cheer was reserved for when the air hostess took out the yellow life jacket.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Air hostess left blushing as Brazilian fans cheer in-flight safety demonstration

Never was an in-flight demonstration, perhaps, cheered as much as it was on board a Russian commercial plane when a group of jovial supporters of the Brazilian football team applauded every step shown by a visibly embarrassed air hostess

It is well known that most passengers tend to ignore safety demonstrations given on board flights but the Brazilian fans on board the flight - name of the airline is not known - made it a point to not just give their undivided attention but also add a whole lot of football fervour to it. So, as the air hostess went about her job of giving the safety demonstration, the football fans cheered loudly with chants of 'Polina, Polina'.

In a further humorous twist to the demonstration, the fans' joy knew no bounds when the same air hostess took out a yellow life jacket which was close to the shade of gold that the Brazilian national football jersey is in. Chants of 'Ole, ole Brazil' broke out even as the blushing air hostess clearly found it hard to contain her amusement.

A video of the incident has since gone viral.



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While a few have pointed out that the fans should have let the air hostess do her work as per protocol and not taken something as pivotel as safety demonstration lightly, most have highlighted that the air hostess did not appear to have taken offence and that the cheering at least ensured that every passenger on board paid attention to the demonstration even if many of them may have been frequent fliers.


While up in the air, Brazilian fans seem to be having a lot of fun this FIFA World Cup 2018, there has not been much joy so far inside the football stadiums with the national team managing only a 1-1 draw in their only match - against Switzerland - so far.