Did Sanal Sasidharan actually try to humiliate PV Sindhu with 'spit' remark? Here's the truth..

After this backlash, the 39-year-old wrote a detail post on FB to clarify his position.

Did Sanal Sasidharan actually try to humiliate PV Sindhu with 'spit' remark? Here's the truth..

New Delhi: Award-winning director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan on Tuesday created a huge controversy after his remarks about PV Sindhu's performance at the Rio Olympics.

"Everyone is celebrating Sindhu's achievement now. What if I spit on this? What is there to celebrate much about it?," wrote Sanal on Facebook after which he was viciously attacked by social media users.

After this backlash, the 39-year-old wrote a detailed post on FB to clarify his position. 

Here is what he had to say about the entire controversy. 

We are living in a very difficult time. People who do not understand satire and without a minimum sense of humor are ruling the media. They are hungry for sensational news. It is horrifying to see that my status criticizing those fake intellectuals who where trying to demean the victory of PV Sindhu in Olympics, was misread and misinterpreted and being used against me by some national medias (?) too. It is sad that the entire events started with an unwanted news scroll by Kairali People TV, a so called leftist media. Now the sensational medias are using the news against me, stating that I am a left leaning film maker. I do not wanted to clarify my stand to those who were abusing me because I was very much clear about my statement and stands. Those who were following me could very well understand what I was saying and what is its meaning. Now the saddest part is that some friends (?) are also singing the same songs as the abusers. This is a horrifying situation. It is worthless to explain to a mad crowd, who only want to abuse and attack without spending even a few seconds to understand what I said actually. I only wish to say one thing that, I am not mad to demean a lady who fought and won for the entire female community in our patriarchal country. It was one of the greatest victory in this Olympics because she was fighting from a nation which is suffering from female suppression for centuries. ours is a country which give first priority to discuss the dressing of a girl who falls victim of rapes and molestation. Ours is a country which is still ashamed of the incidents of female foeticides. Dear fellow citizens, I know that you may start calling me anti national because of saying this. It is ok for me, because I don't want to prove my patriotism before anybody. But please don't spread the totally abusive news that I talked against P.V Sindhu. This is baseless and absolutely against truth.


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