Cyberattacks On Rise: Here’s how to stop cybercrime

Employee training is the most crucial stage, according to Microsoft Security.

Cyberattacks On Rise: Here’s how to stop cybercrime

New Delhi: Total business shutdowns, data theft, phishing, and even the fear of ransomware are all part of today's realities of going online. Cybercrime costs businesses a lot of money every day, therefore businesses must take steps to secure their firm, their employees, and the general public they serve.
The work is difficult, but not insurmountable. However, thieves eventually target those with the weakest protection, and organisations must address this issue swiftly. Employee training is the most crucial stage, according to Microsoft Security. Here are five suggestions on how to do so.

1. Training

Employees should be educated on how to send and receive emails safely, as well as how to recognise and protect themselves from phishing assaults and malware. They should be made aware that there are potential threats online and that they must secure personal and organisational data in order to avoid being harmed by cyberattacks. They should ideally go through a programme where they are coached through a cyberattack, similar to a phishing simulation.

2. Multi-factor authentication

Employees should have access to passwordless authentication methods whenever practicable. Multi-factor authentication should be used. The organisation should also have the most recent versions of browsers and operating systems. Make it a habit for employees to check website certificates to ensure that the website they are visiting is legitimate. This can be done by looking for and clicking on the padlock icon next to the URL on the far left of the browser.

3. Secure connections

Employees must be taught the value of using secure connections like HTTPS. Installing the HTTPS Everywhere plug-in for your browser will accomplish this. As a result, browsing will become more secure.

4. Enable pop-up blockers 

To maintain the most up-to-date security standards, install browser and operating system updates as soon as they become available. Delays may jeopardise business or personal information.

5. Cloud-based antivirus solutions

Antivirus solutions and cloud protection work together to provide accurate, real-time security. This will aid in the reduction of dangers once more. 

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