Google Drive gets a new look on iOS and Android

The new look will come with several improvements.

Google Drive gets a new look on iOS and Android

New Delhi: Search engine giant Google has said that its Drive will get a new material redesign along with with ease-of-use in mind.

“Google Drive is getting a new look and feel on iOS and Android, making it easier to communicate and collaborate across files in Drive on mobile devices,” Google wrote in its blog.

The new look will come with improvements that include – new home tab and bottom navigation,  expanded search bar, my drive, team drives and computers in files view , new account switching experience and revised actions menu.

The  new home tab and bottom navigation will surface the files that are most important to you. On expanded search bar, team drives will be displayed as a tab next to My Drive in the Files view.

With new account switching experience , you canswitch accounts moving from the left navigation menu to an icon in the top right.

The revised actions menu, attached to every file and folder, emphasises the most frequently used actions at the top, Google wrote.

iOS users have begun seeing the redesign since yesterday while Android users will see the redesign starting on March 18.

The feature will be ON by default and will be available to all G Suite Editions, Google added.