ZTE unveils full range of 5G commercial products at MWC 2019

ZTE is a provider of advanced telecommunications systems.

ZTE unveils full range of 5G commercial products at MWC 2019

New Delhi: ZTE Corporation on Monday unveiled full range of 5G commercial products at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.

“ZTE's 5G commercial products, based on its self-designed third-generation baseband & RF chipset, are poised to support full-band, full-scenario deployment demands, thereby helping operators build wide-coverage, high-capacity, rapid-deployment, and cost-effective 5G networks,” the company said in a statement.

Multi-mode BBU to build high-performance network

The new-generation BBU, backed up with virtualization platform and years of R&D and field testings, is industry-leading 2U NG BBU with large capacity, compatible with 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. It is able to process 30*100MHz NR cell per rack with the industry's maximum processing capacity. While integrating virtualization and IT platform advantages, it realizes the elastic capacity of wireless network and open Interface, enables localization of innovative business, and supports C-RAN, D-RAN, and flexible networking.

Serialized AAU to achieve macro coverage

ZTE's 5G AAU Series, in support of the number of channels from 64TR, 32TR, 16TR to 4TR, can satisfy coverage and capacity requirements in dense urban, general urban areas, suburbs, villages and other scenarios while taking into account the characteristics of each scenario according to local conditions, to achieve the best return on investment. Among them, 64TR-200M AAU is suitable for dense urban areas and general urban coverage scenarios, and has been deployed in a number of commercial trials, and is the best choice for the first phase of 5G deployments.

For suburban and rural scenarios, there are more economical 32TR and 16TR solutions, with the powerful dual-band 32TR product supporting 2.6GHz and 3.5GHz. Moreover, 64TR-400m AAU, used for discrete frequency point scenario at N78 band, boasts the industry's maximum bandwidth support capabilities.

5G Pad to support blind or hot spot scenarios

ZTE's serialized PAD products include Pad RRUs, Pad BBU, Pad power, and are suitable for blind or hot spot areas such as narrow street alleys, bridge tunnels, small venues, tourist and leisure places. With a compact design and an integrated antenna, the 5G Pad features quick site detection and easy installation.

5G Qcell to deepen indoor coverage

For indoor coverage, ZTE released 4G & 5G multi-mode Qcell products with ultra-large capacity. It can be easily and quickly installed in indoor high-density and deep coverage scenarios, such as shopping centers, gyms, office buildings, and airports. It is managed in a visual way for unified operation and maintenance.