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Bigg Boss 12, Day 100 written updates: Guest Hina Khan gives some crazy tasks to housemates

Three celebrity guests - Hina Khan, Juhi Parmar and Ranveer Singh Baghela entered the Bigg Boss house today.

Bigg Boss 12, Day 100 written updates: Guest Hina Khan gives some crazy tasks to housemates

The top 6 contestants Karanvir, Dipika, Deepak, Surbhi, Romil and Sreesanth of Bigg Boss 12 are running the finale race putting in all their efforts. As all of them are nominated this week, Bigg Boss decided to give an opportunity to the contestants to make a vote appeal video. But to win this opportunity, contestants had to do their best in a task. The task was called Bigg Boss Hotel and the house was turned into the same, with a reception, a spa and other facilities which a hotel has.

Bigg Boss announced one guest among the contestants and others were stewards. Along, with the house guest, there were other celebrity guests that came throughout the day, to spend time in the Bigg Boss hotel. But these guests had to give challenges to the housemates, who had to fulfil them. The one who was successful got a star from the guest and also a chance to make the vote appeal video with the guest for support. The contestant who could not do the task and was eliminated from it.

First, Sreesanth was chosen as the house guest. To accompany him, Hina Khan entered the house as a celebrity guest. Everyone gave her a warm welcome. But they were unaware of the challenges that were about to follow. Hina asked Deepak to swim and sing a song for her. She later asked Surbhi to shave half of his face. Hina told Dipika to curl Karanvir's hair and also put make-up on him. She asked Romil to clean the Kaalkothri. Sreesanth demanded from Surbhi a single mattress for his bed.

After Hina, Sumati Khanna (Juhi Parmar) from Tantra entered the house. Along with her, Karanvir was chosen as the house guest. Sumati's first demand was to have coffee made by Romil. But unfortunately, Karanvir had already hidden the coffee. As Romil, could not fulfil the demand, Sumati decided to punish him. Sumati also told Surbhi to wash a few clothes and sing for her while washing the clothes. She told Dipika to clean the jacuzzi and give a pedicure to Surbhi. Sumati's last challenge was to Deepak, and he asked him to lyrical describe everyone but in English.

Later in the day, Ranveer Singh Baghela (Neil Bhatt) from Roop Mard ka Naya Swaroop, entered the house. Deepak was chosen to be his co-guest in the house. Ranveer asked for masala chai, to which Sreesanth obliged. He later asked Romil to do a stand-up comedy and also rap. Deepak instructed Karanvir to wax Romil’s torso. Deepak also asked Surbhi to have tea in Sreesanth’s cup, the one that came as a Christmas gift from his family. Sreesanth was furious at Surbhi for this request but Surbhi kept convincing her.

Who will be able to please the guests and get a chance to make a vote appeal video?

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