Bigg Boss 15 Day 74 written updates: Shamita feels Tejasswi is insecure of her, Karan defends!

While having a conversation with Karan Kundrra, Shamita Shetty confronts him that she feels that his girlfriend Tejasswi Prakash is insecure of her. Former tries to end the misunderstanding between the two but nothing works in his favour. 

Bigg Boss 15 Day 74 written updates: Shamita feels Tejasswi is insecure of her, Karan defends! Pic Courtesy: Instagram

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 15 show is getting dramatic day by day. In today’s episode, we witnessed several fights in the house. Initially, we saw Rajiv and Shamita fighting over their priorities in the house. 

Later, we saw Tejasswi talking to Devoleena about the previous task where she told her that Nishant has told everyone that Devo never wanted to take her name for nomination. In response, the latter responded that she was all okay with getting nominated but Rakhi refused to take her in nomination. Hearing her name from Nishant’s mouth, Devo gets extremely angry and decides to confront him and huge fight erupts between the two, leaving the house split in two groups. 



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Devo calls Nishant as the fakest person in the house while Nishant also shouts in his defense. 

Later, Shamita tries to talk to Karan Kundrra and asks if Tejasswi is insecure of her? To which Karan says it’s nothing like that. It’s just the misunderstanding. 

Later in the episode, the housemates gears up for a new task where they have to steal the chance of entering the finale. 

We saw how Devoleena, Pratik, Rashami and Shamita emerged as the winners of yesterday's task. On the back of their victory, the four of them are given an advantage in tonight's 'Museum Task'. They had to rob as many antiques as possible while the housemates try to stop them. Whoever manages to steal the most will become the second finalist of this season. However, the game goes awry when instead of stopping the four robbers, some guards start stealing the antiques themselves! 



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Abhijit sneakily steals an artefact, but Nishant catches him in the act. “Aap guard ho aap chori nahi kar sakte," Nishant shouts at him. Rashami also steals a few items before Shamita complains about her to 'Sanchalak' Rakhi. “Maine ek cheez nahi churaayi hai,". Rashami pleads Rakhi. On the other hand, Ritesh catches Umar from robbing several things and shouts, "Yahaan sab saamaan chori ka rakha hua hai!" Ritesh also starts stealing the artefacts while banging heads with Rajiv. Massive chaos erupts in the house as no one obeys the rules. Rashami tells Rakhi, "Tune bola na tu fair rahegi? Sab chura rahe hain!" Rakhi decides to take charge and ferociously demands, "Jin-jin logon ne chori ki hai saamaan wapas karo!" 

Later, Bigg Boss intervenes and also asks the contestants to return the stolen antiques of the second round and also asks Rakhi to keep a check over all the game. 
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