Bigg Boss 16 Day 60 updates: Housemates call Nimrit unfair for favouring Shiv and Soundarya in the ranking task

Housemates call Nimrit unfair as she keeps her friends Shiv and Soundarya at the top in the ranking game. Priyanka-Ankit and Tina-Shalin share cosy moments and resolve their issues.

Bigg Boss 16 Day 60 updates: Housemates call Nimrit unfair for favouring Shiv and Soundarya in the ranking task Photo Courtesy : Twitter

New Delhi: It's another day at Bigg Boss house and we are back with the updates! The day begins with the morning anthem as everyone wakes up. Archana and Tina ask Sunny and Bunty about what is shown outside the house. Bunty says Tina and Shalin are very possessive of each other. Archana and Soundarya talk about each other to Priyanka and Shalin respectively.  

Archana does exercise along with Sunny and everyone makes fun of her. Sajid and Tina discuss about her and Shalin’s reaction. He says I don’t believe it's just for the camera, that’s how actors fall in love. Bigg Boss asks them to speak in Hindi. Bigg Boss asks Sunny and Bunty to not reveal outside world’s situation to the housemates and scolds all of them for it.  

Shalin asks Tina do you like me? She says yes, I do. He says I really like you. They have an intimate conversation and hug it out. Bigg Boss then asks Shalin to assemble everyone in the garden area.  

Bigg Boss asks Nimrit to rank all the housemates according to their contributions in the house and says that their rank will have an impact on their stay in the house. Nimrit ranks Shiv at the first position, Soundarya at the second position and Abdu at the third position. However, housemates get angry at Nimrit for favoring her friends and call her unfair. Ankit says despite having a silent nature, he is still there on the show. 

Nimrit and Tina get into a heated argument when she places her at a lower position. Nimrit says it's my perspective and it's not just about the contribution but also about who creates least nuisance in the house. Shalin says Tina contributes the most and it is unfair for Nimrit to place Tina and him at such low positions. 

Bigg Boss then says that contestants will be allowed to take ration according to their ranks within a specific time limit. Nimrit, as the captain, can take her ration from the other contestants. Contestants come one by one to collect the ration but it gets lesser as people from the lower ranks have very less things to pick.  

Shalin tries to clear things with Nimrit. She says I didn’t know you were being hurt by my jokes. Ankit and Priyanka share a cosy moment and resolve their issues.  

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