LF presents 'Mother's Menu' with Chef and Host Shazia Khan

In keeping with the crown of responsibility, Mother's Menu is a new show that is spearheaded by a mother herself. 

LF presents 'Mother's Menu' with Chef and Host Shazia Khan

That innocent look, the first of many cuddles and endlessly adorable coos matched with the eternal promise of love and care defines a mother's world from the first breath that her child takes. Unconditional, pure and full of infinite affection, a mother always knows best for her child. It is often said that a child gives birth to a mother and entrusts her with the responsibility of providing health, wealth and love.

In keeping with the crown of responsibility, Mother's Menu is a new show that is spearheaded by a mother herself. Aimed to equip mothers with decisions regarding the nutrition of her child, it revolves around healthy eating and making well-informed choices. From healthy recipes for expectant moms, newborn infants and post-natal nutrition for mother and child, the show will also feature recipes for fussy eaters in the 3 to 9 years age range. A helping hand when you need it, the show is a perfect construction to aid in the fruitful mother and child journey.

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Elucidating and shattering myths about picky eaters, correct child nourishment, pregnancy food and even nutritious food being expensive, this is an attempt at wiping away a new mother's doubts so she can focus her energies where they are most needed- her baby. With the firm belief that happy mothers raise happy babies, the show also looks at providing the right motivation needed for new mothers to get back into shape at a pace that suits her rather than confirming to popular notions of weight loss.

Observing a newborn grow into a healthy baby is one of the most gratifying accomplishments and introducing the vast world of food is an emotional journey for any mother. Journeying through the introduction of first solid foods for the baby to moving on with recipes for a toddler, Mother's Menu also covers brain development diet which includes meals which are high in proteins, essential fats and iron. The show offers tips for a balanced diet with some fun ideas for the children's lunch boxes. The show also has expert nutritionist Ms. Vasudha Sainik on board for special segments where she shares important tips ranging from healthy replacements for junk food to providing a scientific perspective to child nutrition.

Chef Shazia Khan says “Mother's menu is a show to provide a helping hand not only to the mother, but the entire family who has welcomed a new life into their homes. Understanding the right foods to offer while making an important but calculated decision about their growth, it is an extremely emotional connect that I have with this show and I am very excited to be a part of it”.

Divided into three segments, the show promises to shed light on the nutritional aspect of both the mother and child. While the first segment talks about the importance and correct method of exercising during and post pregnancy along with the right post workout food, the second segment voyages across a one on one with a renowned nutritionist and dietician covering a particular topic in that episode. The third and final segment touches upon pregnancy cravings and snacking right along with healthy snack options for children – something that most mothers have a constant battle with.

A moment to hold their tiny little fingers but a lifetime to devote to their nourishment and fulfilment, it is truly said that a mother knows best and what better way to revolve your kitchen around but a mother's menu?

Presented by Mamy Poko and Copowered by Mederma, Mother Menu airs on Monday & Tuesday – 2.30 pm.

Repeat Telecast: Weekdays: Monday & Tuesday - 6.30 pm | Weekend: Saturday & Sunday -3.30pm


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