Parle G shares memes on Sacred Games 2; Netflix, Swiggy's response leave internet in splits

India's largest biscuit brand Parle G is proud to be every artist's initial struggle. 

Parle G shares memes on Sacred Games 2; Netflix, Swiggy's response leave internet in splits Sacred Games 2 still

New Delhi: Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui's 'Sacred Games 2' may have received mixed reactions but the show gave the internet tonnes of memes. Ever since August 15, on the day the second season of 'Sacred Games' hit Netflix, the social media has been flooded with memes keeping netizens on the edge. 

And now, India's largest biscuit brand Parle G has joined the fun over its reference by a character named Bunty in the second season of 'Sacred Games' and in a surprise to netizens, it received some prompt and hilarious response from Netflix and Swiggy. 

In one of the early scenes in 'Sacred Games 2', Bunty, played by Jatin Sarna, is seen telling Ganesh Gaitonde aka Nawazuddin, "Yahaan Parle G khaana pad raha hai kaali chai mein dubokar (We have to survive by eating Parle G buiscuit with black tea." The dialogue went gone viral on the Internet and sparked memes too. 

On Wednesday, the official Twitter handle of Parle-G came up with some memes of their own on the dialgues from the web-series. They called it as 'Sacred Biscuit' and tweeted, "Part of every game #SacredGames #SacredBiscuit". They also shared a meme on an artist and wrote, "Parle-G is proud to be part of every artist’s initial struggle. #SacredBiscuit for every genius.  #SacredGames"

To this, Netflix replied, "Season 1: 0 mentions of Parle-G. 0 hit songs written by Bunty. Season 2: 1 mention of Parle-G. Bunty becomes a world-famous producer, casino owner and lyricist. Coincidence? We think not."

Take a look at their hilarious exchange of tweets:

In the meantime, 'Sacred Games 2' landed in controversy over a scene in which Saif's character Sartaj Singh is seen throwing the 'kada', a religious ornaments worn by Sikhs, into the sea. Akali Dal MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa called out filmmaker Anurag Kashyap for disrespecting Sikh community's religious symbol 'kada' and demanded removal of the particular scene from the Netflix show. 

"I wonder why Bollywood continues to disrespect our religious symbols! Anurag Kashyap deliberately puts this scene in 'Sacred Games 2' where Saif Ali Khan throws his Kada in sea! A Kada is not an ordinary ornament. It's the pride of Sikhs and a blessing of Guru Sahib," Sirsa wrote on Twitter.

"Why was the main character made Sikh if you didn't do any research on the identity of Sikhs and how 5 kakaars (including Kada) are quintessential for Sikhs. I demand removal of this scene as soon as possible or we will take legal action against the production team," he wrote in another tweet. 

The second season of "Sacred Games" was launched on August 15.