Sumbul Opens up on her Friendship With Shalin in ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Says, ‘I was very hurt...’

After her eviction, Sumbul opened up about her bond with Shalin Bhanot and said that she was very hurt when their friendship broke down.

Sumbul Opens up on her Friendship With Shalin in ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Says, ‘I was very hurt...’ Photo Courtesy : Twitter

Mumbai: Actress Sumbul Touqeer Khan, who was recently evicted from the `Bigg Boss` house, has broken the silence on her obsession with Shalin Bhanot. Sumbul`s friendship with Shalin has been the focal point of the new season with fans of both the actors trying to dig out more about the two. 

However, Sumbul set the record straight as she mentioned that she treated Shalin as a true friend and when that friendship was tarnished by giving it another spin, it did hurt her. In the initial days of Bigg Boss 16, Sumbul Touqeer shared a good friendship with Shalin Bhanot. During a particular Weekend Ka Vaar, the actress was accused of being obsessed with Shalin. 

Reacting to the whole matter, Sumbul said, "I was very hurt because I never expected that. I`ve always given 1000 per cent to every friendship and woh main kabhi Isliye nahi karti ki mujhe badle mein kuch milega. Meri dosti mere nazron mein bahot selfless hoti hai (I never expect anything in return for my friendship. For me, friendship is something which is selfless). I love doing that." 

Talking about how doing small things for her friends makes her happy, she further said, "Even if I cook food for them or hang their clothes or anything else, usse mujhe khushi milti hai (It makes me happy). So woh ek dosti ko itna galat naam mila (the friendship was lent some other hue). I was very hurt and, simultaneously, I was thinking about my father - how he must be feeling jab yeh dekhenge. Aur unki kya haalat hogi (how all this would make him feel). I was more scared of him. I was lost. I don`t even remember ki mujhe kya feel ho raha tha."