Zee Bangla all set to launch Soudaminir Songsar tonight

Soudaminir Songsar is slated to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions. 

Zee Bangla all set to launch Soudaminir Songsar tonight

The No.1 GEC of Bengal, Zee Bangla is known to be a treasure-trove of plots that are differential, entertaining, instil hope and give its audience a reason to look at each day in a new way. Taking this oath forward Zee Bangla is back with yet another unique tale, this time one that transcends mortal confines... Presenting “Soudaminir Songsar", a story of love, a story of life, and that of reincarnation.

Set in the 1950-60s Bengal, "Soudaminir Songsar" (Soudamini's Household) perfectly evokes the nostalgia that is so very dear to all Bengalis. The period often referred to as the Golden Era of Bengal, is known for its love for pure romanticism, family values and rich cultural exchanges, which found appropriate expression even in Bangla Cinema that the Bengali audience still swears by.

Recreating that glory in the small screen, Zee Bangla, with Soudaminir Songsar, aspires to spread love and invoke Bengali values, through a not-so-typical reincarnation story. This romantic comedy is also intertwined with appearances of friendly ghost figures, trying to make desperate attempts in safeguarding the family values.

At the same time, it talks about progress and attempts to show how a woman, in this case, the very adorable Soudamini, can bind the family together and usher in progress, thereby orchestrating life in a whole new rhythm. This she does not for herself, but for the entire family, eventually sacrificing her own life, only to come back in a new avatar and take charge all over again.

"Soudaminir Songsar" is slated to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions. In the lead roles shall feature Susmili Acharjee and Adhiraj Ganguly, as Soudamini (and later as Mini) and Shankar (her husband) respectively.

So, come and be part of "Soudaminir Songsar", and bless her as she embarks on her journey of love and responsibilities. Keep tuned to Zee Bangla from today onwards, every Monday to Friday, at 10.30 pm.