Planning to take a trip in 2023? 5 travel trends to watch out for this year

With only a few weeks into the New Year, most of us are dreading for a leave already. If you are the lucky few to take a trip soon or have a vacation planned this year, then you must read about these five key travel predictions by an expert. Keep reading to make your travel more eventful.

Planning to take a trip in 2023? 5 travel trends to watch out for this year Planning a vacation in 2023? These 5 trends are going to dominate the travel sector

Travel tips: The tourism industry is getting ready for a new normal in 2023 as the world gradually recovers from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In general, the travel industry is predicted to be innovative and adaptable in 2023. It's obvious that people are looking for new ways to travel and explore the world, judging from an increased focus on experiences, the rise of female travellers, and the trend of workcations. It is anticipated that the travel sector would develop further and adapt to consumers' shifting needs.

Managing Director, Wonderla Holidays Mr Arun K Chittilappilly shares the top five trends to look out for in 2023:

Increased focus on experiences

In 2023, it's anticipated that travellers will place a high priority on finding interesting and fulfilling experiences wherever they go. This could involve activities like immersive tours, outdoor expeditions, and cultural workshops. Travelers could choose to take a cooking lesson with a local chef to learn about the food of the place they are visiting, or they might go on a guided hike in a national park to learn about the local flora and animals.

Rise of women travelers

It is anticipated that the trend of bleisure travel, which combines work with pleasure for mini-vacations while on business travels, would continue in 2023, especially among women. As more women join the workforce and assume leadership positions, they are also using business vacations to see new places and have some me time. A rise in female solo travellers and women-led travel groups is anticipated as a result of this trend.

Corporate travel and mass bookings

Corporate travel is on the rise, and group activities are being booked in large quantities as businesses place a higher priority on employee well-being and team building. This could include incentive travel programmes, conference vacations, and team-building retreats. Companies are also looking for methods to include sustainability and wellness into their plans for business travel, selecting locations and experiences that respect these principles. For instance, a company might arrange a conference trip to a place with a strong sustainability focus, or a team-building retreat in a resort that focuses on sustainability and offers yoga and meditation workshops.

Prior planning and clubbed holidays

Travelers are looking for strategies to guarantee a stress-free trip in a world that is becoming more unpredictable. This entails planning their travel and lodging well in advance and looking for methods to juggle their vacations with weekends and public holidays. Travelers can extend their break without using up all of their yearly leave by clubbing holidays, which is the process of combining holiday time with officially designated holidays. In 2023, this trend is anticipated to persist as people try to maximise their free time.


In 2023, "workcations," the concept of combining work and holiday, are anticipated to remain popular. Since they may use the freedom and flexibility of remote work to travel, digital nomads and remote workers are particularly fond of this trend. Domestic travel is anticipated to be a common option for workcations as individuals look for ways to get away from the city and unwind in a more laid-back atmosphere. Travelers can increase their productivity at work and obtain some much-needed rest and relaxation by combining work and holiday.