Adorable baby elephant plays with water, leaves netizens gushing--Watch

It's splash time! Adorable baby elephant at a nature park notices water coming out of a broken pipe and has the time of her life 

Adorable baby elephant plays with water, leaves netizens gushing--Watch
A screenshot of the video (Pic courtesy: Twitter/ @ElephantNatureP)

In the scorching summer heat, everybody finds some ways to beat the heat. When it comes to humans, while some tend to go to pools and water parks, some just stay inside the home turning on the air condition. But for animals, they find ways to cool down right in the lap of nature, outdoors.

Recently, in Thailand, a baby elephant had the time of her life when a water pipe at the Elephant Nature Park burst and formed a fountain-like shower. Wan Mai, a baby elephant in the park, spotted the water coming out of the broken pipe and started playing under the stream. 

In a video posted on Twitter by Elephant Nature Park, the caption read: “Wan Mai has great fun with the broken water pipe. She is very happy and more playful with her privilege fountain,” one can see the joy of the baby elephant when it is playing with water.

The video surfaced all over the microblogging site and bagged more than nearly 5k views with the comments saying how 'adorable' the baby elephant is looking.


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