Customer's amazing welcome by a 'Paanwala' leaves netizens surprised -- Watch

This unique 'Paanwala' welcomes his customers with rose water sprinkles.

Customer's amazing welcome by a 'Paanwala' leaves netizens surprised -- Watch
Photo credits: Instagram

New Delhi: India is a country well known for its hospitality and warm welcomes and the tradition of welcoming people is innate to Indians. The same tradition is being carried out by a 'Paanwala' at his shop in Maharashtra's Nagpur. The paan-shop owner welcomes his customers with an enthusiastic spirit in addition to sprinkling rose water on customers to keep them cool, calm and composed. 

You can also not ignore the fact that at his small 'Mamu Paan shop', he has an innumerable variety of pan which range from Rs 15 to Rs 5000. 

In the video below, he is seen preparing a pan and putting in uncountable things. For instance, he puts homemade 'gulkand' which helps in keeping your internal body temperature cool. 

The best part of this amazing 'paanwala bhaiya' is that he lights up the pan and puts it in your mouth, a similar thing that is also famous at Delhi's Odeon.


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