End exploitation by matrimonial sites and brokers: Kerala woman's Facebook post on matrimony goes viral

A message posted on Facebook by a Kerala woman on matrimony has gone viral on social media. 

End exploitation by matrimonial sites and brokers: Kerala woman's Facebook post on matrimony goes viral
Pic courtesy: facebook.com/jyothi.fashiondesigner

Malappuram: A message posted by 28-year-old Jyothi KG on Facebook to send out a request seeking probable grooms has gone viral on social media. She is a resident of Malappuram district in Kerala. Jyothi also shared a photograph of herself on the social media site using hashtag #FacebookMatrimony 

Jyothi believes that Facebook was a solution for many like her who face difficulty in finding a life partner. She says people can easily directly contact probable partners, without the interference of middlemen or matrimonial websites.

She addressed her post to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Following is what she wrote:

I have sent a message to Mr Mark Zuckerburg on 29 April 2018 - Thank you Mr Mark Zuckerburg and Priscilla Chan. I am Jyothi KG (facebook.com/jyothi.fashiondesigner). I have used #FacebookMatrimony for my marriage purpose and my post is viral now in Kerala, India through leading online media in Malayalam. Before this, my friend Mr Ranjish Manjeri (facebook.com/ranjishmanjeri) has been introduced #FacebookMatrimony by someone's advice and it became viral through media in Kerala and he got married with the help of #FacebookMatrimony. His marriage was on 18 April 2018.

Mr Mark please consider my request and give a facility to select grooms and brides with the search option in the country, state, district, name, gender, education, age, profession and religion base. #FacebookMatrimony will help gents and ladies to escape from the prison of the horoscope, castes, luxury, lavishness etc. #FacebookMatrimony will help us to select one's life partner easily with family support. #FacebookMatrimony will help us to find our life partner directly and it will end the exploitation by matrimonial sites and brokers. Once again Thanks."

Later in another post, she wrote - "Hi, friends. It's me, #JyothiKG. Please message your #RequestToMarkZuckerberg (facebook.com/zuck) to add #FacebookMatrimony in its core network. Our message will act as a mass petition and it will help us to add #FBMatrimony become the official part of Facebook."