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Mumbai Police tweets meme to help women deal with messaging Majnus, goes viral

The cops just offered to show these Majnus some love, and the internet loved it.

Mumbai Police tweets meme to help women deal with messaging Majnus, goes viral

Most women on the internet have received those 'Hi dear' messages from unknown Majnus who want to 'friendship'. Well, the ladies of Mumbai have received another message: the cops are with them, and willing to 'friendship' the Majnus on their behalf. Mumbai Police has killed it again on Twitter and the post has gone viral.

The cops tweeted out three memes that show some of the typical messages that Majnus send to women they don't know. Some of these guy don't let go and follow up with messages demanding responses. "Block them. Call us. We will take good care of their emotion & intention! #Dial100 #WomensSafety," was the advice from Mumbai Police.


Now, let's hope this gives confidence to those women in Mumbai who have to deal with this sort of harassment to seek police assistance. Naturally, the light-hearted tweet carrying the ironclad message has gone viral, with about 9000 'likes' and close to 4000 retweets.



Even then, some didn't get why such harassment should be considered harassment.



There was even an exchange between two people on the replies that was demonstrative of what the cops were asking women to do.

And, the tweet seems to have taken immediate effect. The responses to the Mumbai Police tweet saw a women take up the battle on behalf of her friend. 

Some users also tagged the handles of the police in their cities and said it is now their turn to emulate the police of the Maximum City. We hope they do.