Old lady sees woman pilot in plane for first time, netizens love her reaction

An old lady's precious reaction to a female pilot is winning the internet. Here's how the netizens reacted.

Old lady sees woman pilot in plane for first time, netizens love her reaction

New Delhi: In a heart warming story, a female commercial pilot recounted the experience when an old lady saw the latter in the cockpit during a flight. The story has had the netizens in splits while some cannot stop praising the female pilot.

The said incident took place on November 15 on a flight from Gaya to Delhi. Hana Khan, was on duty when an elderly woman passenger wished to view the cockpit of the flight. 

The passenger approached the cockpit and found Hana inside, and exclaimed, "Oi yahan to chorri baithi (A girl is sitting here)!" Musch to the amusement of everybody present.

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Khan, the pilot in question, shared the story on microblogging site Twitter which has since been widely shared on social media.

Her tweet reads: "Did a Delhi-Gaya-Delhi flight today. An elderly lady wanted to look into the cockpit & when she saw me, she exclaimed in an haryanvi accent, "Oi yahan to chorri baithi!" Could not stop laughing."

Twitterati gushed at the story and commented on how women are now seen previuosly male-dominated fields.

A user wrote: "Humaari chori choron se kam hai ke? (Are our women less then the men?)"

While another user said," Women have moved forward with great speed in all spheres than most of us realised. It is a great, for all of us, women, men, young and old, society, nation, economy, education, Healthcare Where they can do make the maximum impact, they are there, but need to reach 50 % POLITICS." 

One user shared that her niece is a pilot too. 

Hana Khan's tweet has grabbed eyeballs with nearly 16,000 likes and more than a 1,000 retweets.

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