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Swing rocks without occupant, eerie video goes viral- Watch

Check out the video

Swing rocks without occupant, eerie video goes viral- Watch
Image Courtesy: YouTube Grab

New Delhi: Internet is a crazy place. After producing some cringeworthy musicians and dancers, it has now come up with a seemingly haunted video of a swing rocking in a small children’s park without any occupants. The video has sent the social media into a tizzy and left the viewers baffled and amused at the same time.

The footage shows sets of swing in a park, and while one doesn't move at all the other ones moves forward and backwards on its own without anyone sitting on it.

Check out the video:

Some viewers have claimed that the video is from Delhi's CR Park while some believe that mischief mongers have tied a white rope to the swing and are purposely rocking it to make it look like a supernatural activity. The people who have shot the video have 'tried' to sound scared and can be heard discussing about fleeing the place.  The fact that it was recorded in broad daylight also gives a benefit of doubt to the viewers. However, the video is being widely shared on Facebook and Whatsapp with various theories surrounding it. The swing is being referred to as 'Bhoot Jhoola' in many videos that are doing the rounds.

Though people should not trust everything they see on the internet, the video is eerie enough to scare the hell out of anyone.