With T Series closing in, PewDiePie fans rally after Mr Beast's tweet to increase the gap

The ongoing online battle between the two has intensified in recent times, thanks to a number of grassroots campaigns to raise awareness of Kjellberg’s channel.

With T Series closing in, PewDiePie fans rally after Mr Beast's tweet to increase the gap

NEW DELHI: With the popular Indian music brand T-Series fast narrowing the subscriber gap with its rival PewDiePie, the anxious fans of the Swedish YouTuber are now relying on support from popular YouTubers like Mr Beast and the likes to stay ahead in the game.

At the moment, T-Series’s fight for YouTube supremacy looks like a matter of time and this has made Kjellberg’s fans go berserk and make desperate attempts to ensure that PewDiePie stays ahead of its Indian rival as long as possible. 

The ongoing online battle between the two has intensified in recent times, thanks to a number of grassroots campaigns to raise awareness about Kjellberg’s channel.

Now, there is yet another appeal by Mr Beast urging fans to subscribe to PewDiePie to ensure that it stays ahead of its Indian music rival T-Series in the battle for YouTube supremacy.

''We keep hovering between the 20k to 50k mark, we need more YouTubers to do their part!'' said a tweet from Mr Beast.

In response, others too have urged fans with ''SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE'' message.

PewDiePie has been most subscribed YouTube channel for the last six years.

At 3 PM on Wednesday, PewDiePie was ahead of the Indian music label by just 22,839 subscribers.

Adding a fresh twist to the story, a top online gaming platform Roblox banned PewDiePie after the Swedish YouTuber streamed himself live in a bid to remain at the top of YouTube's most-subscribed channels.

A top Roblox staff confirmed that PewDiePie has been banned at the online gaming platform, reported

"PewDiePie is no longer permitted on Roblox due to his content redirecting to unsafe and inappropriate sites/channels, as well as continued inappropriate behaviour, that would not be permitted on Roblox, on his own channel," said a Roblox staff member.

Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie has turned to the platform in a desperate attempt to widen the subscriber gap with his powerful rival Indian music brand T-Series.

Responding to the ban, some Pewds' fanboys said that it is not legitimate because he did not violate the platform's rules and that he was kicked out for some off-site actions.

T-Series is drawing near to eclipsing the Pewd’s subscriber account, and it doesn’t seem like the Swedish YouTuber will get any more support through Roblox content after the ban.

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has been the world's most-subscribed YouTuber since 2013.

PewDiePie supporters are working hard to ensure it does not lose the top spot to T-Series. They have been using several tactics like putting a million dollar billboard in Times Square and circulating a supportive tweet by a right-wing political party in the United Kingdom. 

T-Series is a household name in India since the 1980s. The music label is led by Bhushan Kumar, the son of T Series founder Gulshan Kumar who was assassinated by the underworld mafia D Company in 1997. T-Series has 29 TV channels in several Indian languages. 

It hosts some of the biggest Indian artists, drawing millions of views.