Elon Musk Rubbishes Theories About Birds Being Spy Drones: ‘Totally False’

Elon Musk has shared an image on the microblogging site with a message that read birds are ‘harmless’ while dismissing conspiracy theories as false.

Elon Musk Rubbishes Theories About Birds Being Spy Drones: ‘Totally False’

You must have come across the conspiracy theory that revolves around birds, claiming that they are not real but instead spy drones deployed by the government. According to this bizarre theory, birds have been secretly converted into surveillance devices, causing their alleged extinction in the 20th century. Many such movements have been created on social media in support of this theory. However, it looks like, Twitter owner Elon Musk holds a different perspective on the matter. Refuting such hoax theories about birds being government spy drones, the billionaire called the claims “totally false.” Musk, on Friday, shared an image on the microblogging site with a message that says birds are “harmless” while dismissing the conspiracy theories as false.

What Did Elon Musk Say

He wrote, “This conspiracy theory that birds are actually government spy drones is … totally false.”

The image along with the post had a message that read, “Birds are your friends and harmless. There is no need to be alarmed or to watch your words when in range of a cute nice fluffy bird. Please report any messages saying otherwise.”

How People Reacted To Elon Musk's Tweet

As soon as Musk shared the tweet, many took to the comment section and posted divided reactions. While many supported his view, others dropped hilarious responses. 

A user wrote, "Even if it was true I am not hiding anything", while another one commented, "Darn it... I thought I finally had everything all figured out."

"Exactly. Very harmless and environmental friendly," a third user said.

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The tweet has so far amassed over 50K likes and thousands of comments and retweets.

Elon Musk's Previous Claims

Notably, this is not the first time when the Tesla CEO had tweeted something unusual. He is often seen sharing some really out-of-the-box and interesting things on Twitter, leaving his followers intrigued and confused at times. From tweeting cryptic dots to reacting to AI images, Musk is quite active on social media.

Recently, he went on the micro-blogging platform to jokingly talk about a new job position, stating that he intends to hire a “VP of Witchcraft & Propaganda.”