NASA celebrates 50 years of moon landing but gets trolled by doubters

Conspiracy theories have been a dime a dozen which claim that NASA faked the entire moon landing back in 1969.

NASA celebrates 50 years of moon landing but gets trolled by doubters

On July 20 of 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man ever to set foot on Moon's surface. "A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind," he said in an event followed by millions around the world. Such is the significance of the event that even 50 years on, it is looked at as a massive achievement by all, barring a section of people who maintain that NASA's moon landing all those years back was fake and staged.

NASA's tweet on Saturday celebrating 50 years since Armstrong walked on the Moon was a salute to human endeavour and spirit. "50 years ago today, people around the globe gathered at their radios & televisions to join two humans as they landed on the Moon for the first time," the message read. "As they took one small step, a giant leap was accomplished. Relive and understand this."



While it was indeed a momentous occasion, one that gave a massive edge to the United States in the space war against Soviet Union in the Cold War era, conspiracy theories have been a dime a dozen. In the years since, many theories have been floated to show that NASA astronauts never landed on Moon or that the Apollo 11 spacecraft actually never left Earth. Many of the doubters even took to Twitter to slam NASA on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the landing.















NASA and the United States government have always maintained that there is no reason to doubt the landing and have always slammed conspiracy theories that claim otherwise. It also found support from netizens on Twitter who took on doubters and said their claims lack scientific logic.