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New cowboy seat design for flights could make travelling a nightmare

The upright saddle seats are being blasted on social media platforms for being an insensitive way of increasing passenger count per flight.

New cowboy seat design for flights could make travelling a nightmare
Photo courtesy: Twitter

An Italian company known for designing aircraft seats recently unveiled a new design which promises to increase passenger capacity in flights by up to 20 per cent. The upright seats also promise to perhaps make flying a whole lot more uncomforatble.

At a time when several international airline companies are looking at ways of increasing single-trip passenger capacity, Aviointeriors have showcased their new design for seats called Skyriders. A photo posted on their Instagram account promotes the design as saying this is the 'cowboy style of flying.' With the height of the seat increasing and seating space coming down, the seats could indeed occupy less space inside an aircraft when compared to conventional seats in use currently. Most netizens agree though that they would surely be extremely uncomfortable - almost painful in long-distance flights.

A Facebook post on the design by the company received a big thumbs down from social media users. "What's next, three passengers per seat?" asked one. "Your idea and this company represents the worst of the capitalism system."

The Twitterati was not too forgiving either.





While it is still in design stage, the seats could possibly make their way inside airlines if aviation companies do show interest in retro-fitting their planes with these. Of course if indeed as uncomfortable as they appear, the extra seating space available would end up being unoccupied with passengers steering clear.