'Shithole' creativity takes hold of protests against Trump Hotels

Protest messages projected onto the facade and scathing Yelp reviews are the latest modes of protests against Donald Trump.

'Shithole' creativity takes hold of protests against Trump Hotels
The projected protest on the facade of Trump International Hotel in Washington DC. (Picture: Twitter/@bellvisuals)

Right above the golden sign that read 'Trump International Hotel', the projected sign screamed 'SHITHOLE'. From time to time, an arrow blinked, pointing to the entrance. This was a protest by a video artist to reports that US President Donald Trump had during a discussion in immigration referred to African nations as 'shithole countries'.

Not just this, Trump Hotels at almost all locations have seen a sharp spike in the number of reviews on review sites like Yelp. Majority of these new reviews have one word: shithole.

With each scandal that Trump and his beleaguered staff live through, protestors have been left to find increasingly creative ways to dissent what is possibly turning out to be one of the most challenged elected governments in history.

Independent filmmaker and social justice activist Robin Bell set up camp across the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC and started beaming onto the façade of the Trump Hotel, with the 'poo' emojis streaming in. He tweeted video clips of it: 



Other messages he beamed above the golden Trump sign included 'Pay Trump bribes here', 'This is not normal' and '#resist'.

Reports have also noted that Trump Hotels have taken a beating in ratings on services like Yelp, where the DC property crashed from a four-star reviewer rating to two.

Yelp has reportedly said they would process the new reviews and retain only those who seemed to have stayed at the properties they had reviewed.

Donald Trump and his staff have denied that the US President used that particular expletive to describe African countries during a meeting on immigration reform, even as they did concede that Trump used 'strong language'.