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Unscrupulous Taliban straps explosives to infant, security forces rescue innocence

Security forces were shocked to find explosives under the four-month-old baby's clothes. They later discovered that the baby was being used to ferry the explosives between cities.

Unscrupulous Taliban straps explosives to infant, security forces rescue innocence
Representational image courtesy Pixabay

Fighting terrorism is fast becoming not just a priority the world over but also extremely challenging - especially because of unconventional ways being used by terror organisations in carrying out unscrupulous activities. And the Taliban have been infamous for being one of the most notorious but their latest tactic left even the most seasoned and battle-hardened soldier stunned.

Kabul Times reported that security forces in Afghanistan's Kunduz province found a four-month infant with explosive materials strapped to his clothes. Soldiers were absolutely shocked to discover the explosives inside the baby's clothing and later found that they were meant to be transported using the infant to Kunduz - some 330 kilometres north of Kabul - for a bomb attack here. While five terrorists were arrested when they were trying to enter Kunduz, the dastardly act of strapping an infant with explosives has left locals enraged.

This may be the first time an infant was used for nefarious purposes and hence the absolute horror and rage. However, this is not the first time that the Taliban has attempted to use innocence for their selfish purposes. Earlier, a member of the organisation in Afghanistan had tried to coerce his eight-year-old sister to carry out a terror attack. The girl chose to approach security forces instead. Similarly, an attack on French Counselate was carried out by a minor. There are several such incidents from the past when children have been used to not just carry out terror strikes but to even peddle arms, ammunition and explosives across Afghanistan.

International and Afghan Human Rights groups reveal that preventing children from getting themselves embroiled in terrorist activities is fast becoming a frequent part of their work here. The groups also add that they have managed to rescue many children from prying eyes of Taliban fighters.