US national security spokesperson Michael Anton the latest to quit Donald Trump White House

The departure comes a day before the new NSA John Bolton takes charge.

US national security spokesperson Michael Anton the latest to quit Donald Trump White House
Michael Anton had been an early supporter of Trump. (Image: Screen grab)

The departure of top faces at the Donald Trump White House continues. The latest to leave is US National Security Council spokesperson Michael Anton. His departure comes just a a day before Trump's new National Security Adviser John Bolton takes charge.

Anton was one of the earlier and most shrill supporters of Trump as the New York billionaire edged towards the Republican Party ticket in 2016. He also became a controversial figure for an article he wrote under a different name. He had launched an attack calling the conservative intellectuals of the Republican Party, which seemed to be a coherent articulation on the tirades that Trump launched on the campaign.

Anton told US political news website Politico that he plans to join the conservative Hillsdale College's Kirby Center as a writer and lecturer. "I will be forever grateful to President Trump for the opportunity to serve my country and implement his agenda," he said.

Anton was brought into the White House by Michael Flynn, Trump's first NSA who is now under investigation of his Russia connections. However, the majority of Anton's tenure has been spent under HR McMaster, who completed his last day as NSA on Friday.

Anton is said to have been a key figure in helping weather the fraught relationship between Trump and McMaster. 

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders released a statement in which she called Anton "one of the smartest and most talented individuals I've ever worked with - not to mention an amazing chef… He has been more than a colleague, he is a true friend," Sanders's statement read. "Every day I got to work with Michael was a good day and he will be greatly missed."