Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming movie 'Pathaan' teaser helps Mumbai Police promote road safety; Here's how

Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming movie Pathaan's teaser helps Mumbai Police promote road safety and the use of seatbelts while driving a vehicle; please read on to find out more.

Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming movie 'Pathaan' teaser helps Mumbai Police promote road safety; Here's how

Mumbai Police is in its own class when it comes to spreading awareness in a way that appeals to Gen Z. Showcasing their talent and the understanding of trends, Mumbai Police has shared a road safety awareness post featuring Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming movie Pathaan's teaser. The post uses dialogue from the forthcoming movie's teaser to increase road safety awareness among the citizens. This is not the first time the police department is using the trends to further its agenda. They have previously used multiple movies and TV shows for the same purpose.

The short video shared by Mumbai Police shows a snippet from Shah Rukh Khan's movie Pathaan's teaser. In the video, the actor can be seen putting on his sunglasses while he seems to be sitting in a plane. While in the background, in the actor's voice, we can hear the dialogue, "Apni kursi ki peti bandh lo," which roughly translates to "fasten your seatbelts."

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The post was shared on Twitter with a caption using another one of Shah Rukh Khan's movie names. It read, "'Jab tak hai jaan,' listen to this sound advice." It added, "Mumbaikar In & As A Responsible Citizen!"

The use of seatbelts while in a car by passengers and the driver has been a significant agenda for Mumbai Police. The awareness drive increased even more after the unfortunate death of the former Tata Group chairman Cyrus Mistry in a road accident. Moreover, the government has also been promoting the use of seatbelts. Now, Mumbai Police cashed in on the opportunity using Pathaan's teaser featuring Shah Rukh Khan to promote the agenda further.

It is to be noted that the Indian government is also working towards the same thing using various means, like commercials featuring celebrities like Akshay Kumar. Aligned with the same goal Mumbai Police recently made it mandatory for drivers in the metropolitan to use seatbelts in a vehicle. If found in violation, there is a provision for adequate punishment.

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