Tamil Nadu man’s bike stuck in concrete as new road laid around it: Watch video

A bizarre incident took place in Vellore, Tamil Nadu where a Mahindra Centuro bike got stuck on a road after the workers poured cement on the bike without informing the owner.

Tamil Nadu man’s bike stuck in concrete as new road laid around it: Watch video

A video of a bike stuck in the cement after the construction of a road is going viral on the internet. Which got in the situation because the construction workers in Tamil Nadu did not remove the parked bike while laying fresh cement to construct the road, and as a result, the cement did its part as the adhesive to fix the bike in its spot. To be specific, the incident took place near Gandhi Road, at Kaliamman Koil Street, where the roads were being constructed as part of the Smart Cities Mission by the Vellore City Municipal Corporation.

The bike involved in the incident is a Mahindra Centuro, which is owned by one of the locals named S Murugan. Based on the reports, the bike was parked by Murugan daily on the same spot in front of a shop. Moreover, the man claims that the workers did not inform him of the construction of roads and did not ask him to remove the bike from the construction site.

He claims he parked the bike at 11 p.m. and was surprised to see it the next morning. It was a cement road, and the workers poured cement without taking the motorcycle out of the way. The residents also claim that they have blocked the water discharge channel, causing rainwater to flood the roads.

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Later on, the road's construction was inspected by Vellore Corporation Commissioner Ashok Kumar, who helped Murugan to get his Mahindra Centuro out of the road. Furthermore, he ordered the worker to refill the gaps created on the road by the bike to make it smooth. As of now, there is no information if any action has been taken against the contractor who got the work done in the place.

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