Tata Motors offering discounts of upto Rs 60,000 on Safari, Harrier, Tiago and more

Even after having good sales in the past few months, Tata is hustling to improve their sales by offering discounts of up to Rs 60,000 depending on the model.

Tata Motors offering discounts of upto Rs 60,000 on Safari, Harrier, Tiago and more

Tata Motors has had good numbers on their car sales in the past few months. As a matter of fact, January 2022 has been the Indian carmakers best month in terms of monthly unit dispatch. To boost of the sales even further, Tata is offering great discounts and exchange benefits going up to Rs 60,000 depending on the model you have. Here, we have listed the benefits you can avail of on different models.

Tata Safari (Upto Rs 60,000)

Tata Safari is a flagship SUV from the automaker. The Safari, like the Harrier, is a diesel-only vehicle with buyers having the option of choosing between a manual or automatic transmission.

On any unsold 2021 model year Safaris, exchange advantages of up to Rs 60,000 are available, while newer 2022 models are only offered with exchange benefits of up to Rs 40,000. The top-of-the-line Gold edition models, on the other hand, do not come with any bonuses.

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Tata Harrier (Upto Rs 60,000)

Tata Harrier is a midsize SUV offered by Tata in the Indian market. These are known for being comfortable and rugged at the same time. Buyers can get up to Rs 60,000 in perks on the unsold 2021 model, including cash advantages of up to Rs 20,000, depending on stock availability.

On the standard variations, newer 2022 model year units only receive exchange incentives of up to Rs 40,000. Dark Edition trimmings come with up to Rs 20,000 in exchange for bonuses. Benefits of up to Rs 25,000 are available to corporate purchasers on the SUV.

Tata Tiago (Upto Rs 30,000)

Tata Tiago is one of the hatchbacks from Tata, these have recently got a CNG variant and are now being offered with discounts. The recently announced CNG versions now have cash rewards of up to Rs 10,000, with exchange advantages of up to Rs 20,000 depending on the type. On the hatchback, corporate buyers can get up to Rs 5,000 in discounts.

Tata Tigor (Upto Rs 25,000)

Tata Tigor is a sedan from Tata, it can easily be differentiated because of its 4-door cope looks. It also offers a spacious cabin, recently it has also been launched with CNG options among other Tata cars. Now a discount of upto Rs 25,000 is being offered on variants except the CNG variant.

Tata Nexon (Upto Rs 15,000)

Nexon is one of the cars from Tata known and liked for its distinctive looks. It also attracts buyers with its wide range of variants and different engine options. Now the diesel engine variants of the Nexon are being offered with the exchange benefits of upto Rs 15,000. For the corporate buyers, there is an option of getting a Rs 10,000 discount on the car.

Tata Altroz (Upto Rs 10,000)

In the month of February, Tata's premium hatchback is missing out on cash and exchange offers, with just corporate discounts of up to Rs 10,000 available.

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