Tata Punch Introduces New Variants and Discontinues Ten in Latest Update

Tata Motors has introduced three new variants of the Tata Punch, enhancing the options available to buyers with the latest features and pricing.

Tata Punch Introduces New Variants and Discontinues Ten in Latest Update

Tata Punch Variants: Tata Punch, India's best-selling SUV, expanded its lineup with the addition of three new variants- Creative MT, Creative Flagship MT, and Creative AMT in January 2024. Simultaneously, the company has discontinued 10 variants. The newly added variants, Creative Manual and Creative Flagship Manual, are priced at INR 8.85 lakh and INR 9.60 lakh, respectively, while the Creative AMT variant is priced at INR 9.45 lakh, There are ex-showroom prices. 

Prices of the New Tata Punch Variants:

Creative MT: INR 8.85 lakh
Creative Flagship MT: INR 9.60 lakh
Creative AMT: INR 9.45 lakh

Discontinued Variants of Tata punch Variants:

The Tata punch Discontinued variants include Camo Adventure Rhythm MT,  Camo Accomplished Dazzle MT, MT, Camo Adventure AMT, Camo Accomplished MT, Camo Adventure Rhythm AMT, Camo Accomplished Dazzle MT, Camo Accomplished AMT, Camo Accomplished Dazzle AMT, Creative Dual-Tone, and Creative Flagship MT Dual-Tone. 

Punch has recently undergone a price revision, with increases up to INR 17,000. The base variant saw an increase of INR 13,000,while most variants experience a hike of INR 10,000. The CNG variants have seen an increase of up to INR 17,000.

Currently, the Punch model lineup is priced between INR 6.13 lakh and INR 10.20 lakh. The petrol manual variants range from INR 6.13 lakh to INR 9.60 lakh, while the petrol AMT variants are priced between INR 7.60 lakh and INR 10.20 lakh.

The SUV features a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine, generating 84bhp and 113Nm. With a factory-fitted CNG kit, this engine produces 72bhp and 103Nm. It comes with two gearbox options - a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed AMT

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